How It Works

Select your Tarot reading, use PayPal to make payment, send your question for the Tarot, receive your Tarot reading.

Tarot Guides – select which type of reading you would like from the list of available Tarot readings.

Go to Tarot Booking – select your chosen reading and make payment through the PayPal button

Click on the Send Tarot Question and complete the email form with your details and question

Receive confirmation of your Tarot request

3-5 days time receive your Tarot Reading

How I read for you is I create private sacred space for your pesonalised Tarot reading and meditate to connect with the Divine. Anything that comes to me through meditation will be included in your reading. Once my connection is made I then carry out your reading, shuffling the Tarot cards using the fall out method and allowing the Universe to show me which cards and messages are for you. This is why my readings have an unlimited number of cards as I never know the exact number. I take a whole view of all the cards that came out for you and then apply the whole energy to the questions you have asked. You will always receive your Tarot reading by email with an attached image of your Tarot spread that you are able to come back to time and again.

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