What people are saying

I have read for people all over the world as well as other Tarot readers on the subjects of personal development, career, business alignment, spiritual journey, property sale, personal development, money, studies for new direction and of course love and relationships.
Here are just a few rave review extracts for you to browse.

To the point!!! I love how precise and detailed Heather is with this tarot reading. It resonated so much. I’m genuinely in tears reading this because of how much was mentioned!! It helped me a lot especially as I’ve been finally tapping into my psychic abilities and intuition and honing them. I’ve recently been diving more into spirituality as there has been a strong calling for a really long time now. The bit about the Ancestors and Guides (I immediately knew who you were talking about when that was mentioned) have all resonated with me, and frankly, there wasn’t any part that didn’t. I’m so happy to read this!!! I will definitely keep re-reading this.

Sri Lanka – ancestral & spirit guide

Thank you Heather, just asking myself those questions have brought some insight and self-empowerment. Thank you.

Australia – business relationship

The reading was very motivational and did have an impact on laying to rest my fears.
The advice to move forward was very specific, giving me concrete examples of what I might do or where I may look.
It was positive in vibe – I felt Heather was on my side and wanted what was best for me.
Certain advice that was offered seemed a bit psychic, meaning there were things Heather was suggesting I do that I was actually thinking of doing before I reached out. Like you read my mind.

Haiti – relationship

I wish I had the skill to answer this question. I say keep doing it the way you are and tell it as it is (as you do… there is no attempt to do “client pleasing” and that’s just as it should be too)
It was inspirational and you read the whole spread intuitively rather than one card at a time. That’s good.
I feel a decision has been made… and for good, sound, intuitive reasons. I will go with it.
Many thanks H

Tarot Reader Singapore – career direction

You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. And I’d like you to know that … 100%. What I most valued about this reading
is….The detail in the reading, you are amazing.

Thank you so much for the depth of this reading. I am definitely reassured by the cards pulled and I really appreciate the addition of the tranquillity incantation.

Canada – spiritual journey

She helped me clarify my questions so that I got clearer answers . I felt like I could trust her . She was “professionally caring”! That was relieving !
She helped me get clear and coached me to understand my own tools from within . She didn’t try to manipulate my feelings or my thoughts in a negative way . She confronted my fears and helped me to follow a healthy direction . She addressed what I wanted and not what she wanted.
I feel like I can go back to hear reading at anytime for the next couple months unless things change and really use her reading like a mantra to help encourage and support me on a positive clearer path . It was like getting a reading from a living friend . Thank you so much !

USA – relationship

It gave me general ideas with concrete examples so I could follow along and make an action plan that fit me best. It was also very encouraging which I probably need right now haha. (also not the most important but the deck was cool!)

USA – career studies direction

I value the time and effort put into the reading to assist total strangers in finding peace. For that I will forever be grateful, may you be blessed in abundance. Keep on the good work, may you continue to sparkle!

South Africa – spiritual alignment

Careful, attentive and assertive when investigating a little more about the matter at hand. Speed of response. Precise approach, with a very detailed answer. I had the feeling of being in the same room listening to the reading in the first hand. Very, very good
Hope you continue to guide with the same precision, and worm heart, whoever needs it most. Very grateful.

Portugal – property sale