Spiritual Tarot Readings

Welcome to the beautiful Spiritual Tarot reading that is especially for your connection with the Divine and the Universe.

Choose this Tarot reading to serve your spiritual journey for a deeper connection to mind, body and spirit. Hear messages from your ancestors, spirit guides, angels, the Divine or the Universe, however you view your personal connection on your own spiritual journey and path.

This reading can show the material, emotional and spiritual state and how this is affecting you on your current path.  Discovering the subconscious manifesting into your conscious awareness and knowing your purpose and ‘calling’. 

When requested by clients, I have also used this reading to look at past life and how it influences you today and what the guidance is on your current life path.

Ask me any question about your spiritual journey and receive the messages you need to hear now and what your spiritual potential holds in store for you, for your highest good.

If you have any questions your requirements and this type of reading drop me a line at heather@thetarotway.com

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