Discounted Tarot Readings

Take advantage, not only is this a way to save money on your Tarot readings but you can take these readings whenever you want ideally though you need to leave a minimum of 6 weeks for actions and events to take place in between readings.

Having regular Tarot readings is a great way to keep on track towards achieving specific goals because you want to align a project, run a business campaign, or set a personal development goal, or you just want to see what the cards say for you like tuning into your astrological sign.

You can also mix up the type of Tarot readings you want they don’t all have to be the same so one time you might want a spiritual reading, another time a love reading, or career. There are so many options and you can get access to my How to be a Tarot Diva by signing up here.

My intention is to give value and meaning to your readings, there is no specific time limit I spend on your reading, or number of cards that I use.  I use the fly out method shuffling the cards, as I believe in my connection with the Divine and the Universe to show me the messages for you, rather than me randomly picking out the cards.  Your Tarot reading is always personalised, there’s no standard one size fits all, this too goes with the Tarot deck I use for your reading, it is very much what energy I am drawn to specifically for you.  Most of the time I will already be picking up on your energies and a specific Tarot deck will be shouting out to me to be used.

You can always drop me a line to discuss how you want to use your readings and when you would like them. I can take all the hassle away from you and contact you when your readings are due and if you want to get my monthly newsletter telling you all about what’s new, what’s in the pipeline, spiritual vibes and self-care and the monthly Tarot card, I would love you to sign up for the Newsletter below.

So looking forward to joining you on your journey through life with these readings.

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