How to be a Tarot Diva download

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Working with the Tarot reading for others and having Tarot readings done for me I have learned that there is a right and a wrong way to ask the Tarot a question, as well as know what makes for a good Tarot reading and this is what I want to share with you so that you too can become a Tarot Diva. 

By being a Tarot Diva, this will help you whether reading the Tarot cards for yourself or know how to get the best out of your future readings when consulting a Tarot reader.

With my experience of 20+ years working with the Tarot cards, I have found there is a way to ask the Tarot a question that can only give a vague answer and then there is the right way to ask the Tarot a question that will open up a whole lot of information for you.

What makes for a good Tarot reading is not only being able to read and understand the cards and hear the intuitive messages but also to give value to the reading.  I don’t know about you but through my experience of having Tarot readings in the past, I found I came away not really being able to relate to the reading or having any future guidance and I think these are two key factors to come away with.

Here are my 3 secrets on how to be that knowledgeable Tarot Diva

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