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Do you just want to know what’s in store for you, then this is the reading for you

General Tarot Readings give you the answers or solutions to solve challenges & obstacles, help you make decisions to those issues you have been putting off, show you choices to help you make the right decisions in life, give you spiritual alignment for that inner-self awareness and to receive messages from the Universe.  They are also a great way to self-development in all areas of your life like career, being more in alignment with working in business, helping with studies, developing much better relationships personally and with family and friends and generally in all areas of personal growth.

What Tarot readings do for you is cut to the chase, they help you to be more informed, give you inspiration to move forward in a positive way and give motivation to direct your life down the route you want to take to manifest those goals and dreams you have. There are so many options and you can get access to my How to be a Tarot Diva by signing up here.

The great thing also about Tarot readings is once you start on the journey of asking for a reading, you are telling the Universe you are reading and open to new beginnings so when you have a Tarot reading, it doesn’t just last for a few days or a week, but the vibrations from the readings will continue over several months.  You will always get a written reading with an image of your Tarot spread that you will be able to come back to time and time again, allowing you to continue to receive messages through your intuition.

If you are a regular to Tarot readings, or new to Tarot book a reading and ask the Universe for the answer to your question.

My intention is to give value and meaning to your readings, there is no specific time limit I spend on your reading, or number of cards that I use.  I use the fly out method shuffling the cards, as I believe in my connection with the Divine and the Universe to show me the messages for you, rather than me randomly picking out the cards.  Your Tarot reading is always personalised, there’s no standard one size fits all, this too goes with the Tarot deck I use for your reading, it is very much what energy I am drawn to specifically for you.  Most of the time I will already be picking up on your energies and a specific Tarot deck will be shouting out to me to be used.

Don’t worry if you are not sure about your Tarot reading or what a general Tarot reading will give you, you can always contact me and if you want to get my monthly newsletter telling you all about what’s new, what’s in the pipeline, spiritual vibes and self-care and the monthly Tarot card, I would love you to sign up for the Newsletter.

For all readings I create a sacred space with candles and incense and meditate for your reading, connecting with the Universe for the answers you seek. Even though you are not with me physically whilst doing the reading, you are treated professionally as a client with your reading carried out in confidential sacred space. I pride myself on delivering your Tarot reading promptly
usually within 48 hours.


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Career direction reading

I wish I had the skill to answer this question. I say keep doing it the way you are and tell it as it is (as you do… there is no attempt to do “client pleasing” and that’s just as it should be too)
It was inspirational and you read the whole spread intuitively rather than one card at a time. That’s good.
I feel a decision has been made… and for good, sound, intuitive reasons. I will go with it.
Many thanks H

Tarot Reader Singapore – career direction

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