Code of Ethics

My Code of Ethics is how I conduct my Tarot readings, how I use the Tarot cards, treat my clients and what I am not prepared to read on, please read on

The Client

I will work with the Client to co-create the questions to be asked of the Tarot so they are clear and where necessary will be rephrased such as. ‘how to’, ‘what do’ and ‘where can’ which will show opportunities, choices and actions possible.

The Client will be treated with respect, compassion and without judgement and with as much impartiality as possible. If for any reason I feel there is reason not to be impartial this will be communicated straight away. All Tarot Readings are carried out in private confidential space.

All material and Tarot readings will be communicated to the Client securely. Once the Tarot reading has been submitted and finalised, the reading will be closed and no further communication will be entered into. It is up to the Client to have ‘free will’ and the responsibility to decide what actions they want to take to achieve their goals. A minimum 6 weeks should lapse before consulting the Tarot on further questions.

Client confidentiality is important and data is stored in secure code for a maximum of 6 months. Client details, questions and readings are never shared with third parties or talked about privately. This work is sacred to me and only shared between myself and the Universe.

Type of Readings

Tarot Readings will not be accepted for children but those who are of the age to attend University and in the process of enrolment may request a reading to give clarity on where their best options are and help regarding their studies.
Tarot Readings are not carried out to gain personal information on third parties however third parties may appear within your environment in a reading.
Tarot readings are not carried out for financial gain such as the lottery and gambling, to aid in the harm of others, to aid in criminal activities or any illegal activities against the Law. Readings of a sexual nature, political, religious or anything considered offensive will not be carried out. The Tarot Way reserves the right to refuse requests considered unsuitable.
Tarot reading requests regarding legal advice, health advice, or financial advice are not undertaken. The appropriate organisations must be consulted for this.

If you are suffering from mental health issues or anxiety during COVID please seek help with the appropriate organisations.

My Way

I read the Tarot for your highest self and good only, I do not use it for fortune telling, a psychic medium should be consulted for this. The Tarot will help you move forward to achieve your ideal outcome in a manner that is in alignment with your soul purpose.

You are able to consult me for clarity on a situations, for spiritual alignment and further fulfilment on your path. To see what opportunities or choices are available to you on the subjects of career, job seeking, relocation, business, relationships, money situations and love.
I always try to inspire and motivate my Client to move forward positively as well as show clarity to situations, so my Client is able to make choice decisions for success, the energy and actions that can be applied, and show possible outcomes if the Client applies ‘free will’ and takes action to achieve their goals.

We are all on our own unique journey through life, making it what it is so the Tarot does not tell my Client how to conduct their life but show you the way. The Client is responsible for their own actions following a reading.