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Breakfast at the Tarot Cafe – 7 of Cups

It can be a bit of an emotional day today where you can find you are being pulled in one direction and then another.  It’s time to work out where you emotions and loyalties ley.  Who is being genuine in your life and who… Continue Reading “Breakfast at the Tarot Cafe – 7 of Cups”

Breakfast at the Tarot Café – Queen of Swords

Do you recognise this person?  The Queen of Swords in my Tarot readings represents someone who is intelligent, I say this as the Swords suit in Tarot represents the intelligence, mental activity, communication and speech.  So the person representing the Queen of Swords is… Continue Reading “Breakfast at the Tarot Café – Queen of Swords”

Breakfast at The Tarot Café – 6 of Wands

Success, victory, celebrations, accolade, being seen in public and at last getting the recognition that you want and need? then this is the card to look or in your Tarot reading with me.  If you have put in for a promotion, applied for a… Continue Reading “Breakfast at The Tarot Café – 6 of Wands”

Tarot Café Breakfast – The Empress

In my Tarot reading this card is a red light for yes go for it.  If you have a new idea, want to create a new project or start your own business, this card is saying it’s about time to get it out there… Continue Reading “Tarot Café Breakfast – The Empress”

Tarot Café Breakfast – The High Priestess

Ok so in a Tarot reading the High Priestess is about being and invoking your inner power, your wisdom, your intuition, your inner knowing and letting that God or Goddess shine out.  It’s time to really tune into and more importantly listen to that… Continue Reading “Tarot Café Breakfast – The High Priestess”

Tarot Café Breakfast – Page of Wands

As the Page of Wands here is looking to the left you are likely to be revisiting old ideas, or creating something new but what worked for you previously and maybe looking at how you can apply that to your new ventures today.  This… Continue Reading “Tarot Café Breakfast – Page of Wands”

Tarot Café Breakfast at The Tarot Way – 8 of Pentacles

Focused working so hard, looking at the detail, mastering your skills and techniques, burning the midnight oil?  Make sure its not all work and no play that you are missing out on other daily activities that will emotionally fulfil you.  It’s all very well trying to be a perfectionist but at what cost? 

Breakfast Tarot Café – Wheel of Fortune

Welcome to the Tarot Café and The Wheel of Fortune yey!  Love this card turning up in a Tarot reading, it is the biz.  It’s karma, it’s total fruition whether that is projects, realisation in investments, achieving your ultimate goals, finally retiring at an… Continue Reading “Breakfast Tarot Café – Wheel of Fortune”

Tarot Café Breakfast at The Tarot Way – The Hermit

So today we have The Hermit and he always looks a lonely old man when he shows up in a Tarot reading and can make you kind of feel sad but… it’s not about being lonely but being on a personal journey, a personal… Continue Reading “Tarot Café Breakfast at The Tarot Way – The Hermit”

Tarot Cafe Breakfast at The Tarot Way 5 of Swords

Good morning Tarot followers and today we have the 5 of Swords, not a card we welcome in the upright position everyday as this means there are going to be some battles fought and yes you might win but at what cost!  You may… Continue Reading “Tarot Cafe Breakfast at The Tarot Way 5 of Swords”