Birthday Tarot Readings

It is probably not surprising to know that you can read the Tarot for many situations in life including your coming birthday year.

Give yourself a gift with a Birthday Tarot reading, it is not only fun but intriguing to see what leys ahead for you over the next 12 months.

This is my Tarot spread and the questions that I ask on your behalf that includes health and wealth, career and money. Also what your aspirations are, how to deal with any challenges over the year as well as your potential and an overview for the whole year. I send your Birthday Tarot reading direct to your inbox, how exciting will it be to see what your coming birth year will have in store for you.

Why not even purchase a Tarot Birthday reading as a ‘special or unusual gift’ for someone you know. If you are interested in this option just drop me a line to and we can organise this together.

Here’s what a Birthday Tarot reading would look like