Answers to Your Questions

Thousands of people are making use of the Tarot every day not as entertainment but to make informed decisions, to understand situations better that will give guidance to making the right decisions and choices and being aware of future challenges that will help them make life easier.

Sometimes you just need, or want a little help understanding everyday situations and the Tarot is like talking to your best friend answering those personal questions to find solutions and insights for better perspective that can help to give clarity to move forward manifesting and living the life you want. I’ve had clients say that my Tarot reading was confirming what they already knew inside and needed confirmation, or just to hear the words.

I will give you confidence to solve challenges & obstacles, to create aligned action plans for better relationships, change your career, invest in self-development, show if you are in alignment spiritually and how you are able to give yourself self-empowerment to create your future and manifest your goals.

Not only are you able to have a Tarot reading about existing situations but you are also able to ask about the future. The Tarot is not like a crystal ball and forecast your future but is able to show you what choices you have, what opportunities are around you, what you might not be aware of, how to align yourself but also inspire and motivate you to make the changes you want.

What if a Tarot reading could help you with a career change, give your business alignment, get you that promotion or salary raise wouldn’t it be worth it?

What if I could show you how to change your life and circumstances for the better, give you insight and knowledge that is going to empower you to create a life that you feel more in flow with and aligned. Tarot readings can be used for self-healing from past relationships help you to understand and move on, how to have better relationships with family members and friends making life so much more harmonious and not only that but getting back into loving yourself.

I have also helped people in careers when they have been looking for a change because they have grown unhappy in their current position, allayed fears or worries starting a new job or taking up a higher role and more responsibilities and managing staff and also those who were once self-employed but find themselves working as an employee again and want to know what their future looks like for independence again. How about finding out what your ‘true calling’ is?

I not only use the Tarot in my life with all of the above but also to keep in touch with my spirituality and journey on my current path allowing the Tarot to guide me on a more sublime level to life. With so much going on in the outside world, to tune into the Universe and the Divine through a reading can bring you back home to more self-awareness and inner power that gives peace to the Soul. It is also possible for me to read on past life influences to understand your current life path, to be more aware of the subconscious and conscious levels, receive messages you want to hear from the Universe, Divine, ancestors and spirit guides showing you the next steps for fulfilment.

Your Tarot reading is your way and personalised especially for you, what my intention is, is to give value and meaning to your readings, there is no specific time limit I spend on your reading, or number of cards that I use.  I use the fly out method shuffling the cards, as I believe in my connection with the Divine and the Universe to show me the messages for you, rather than me randomly picking out the cards.  Your Tarot reading is always personalised, there’s no standard one size fits all, this too goes with the Tarot deck I use for your reading, it is very much what energy I am drawn to specifically for you.

Here’s the link to book your Tarot reading now and let me take the second guessing out of your life and give you that clarity you want.

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