How to Survive the Festive Season &

messages from the spirit guides & the angels

A Collective reading

To prepare for the festive season this is about making personal decisions, what do you value the most and who do you value the most. 

The central card is the Ace of Wands and there is a chance for new beginnings, opportunities, and surprises coming up as if they have been sent from Heavens and to keep an open mind that anything can happen.  This could be something you have been wanting or planning for, for a long time. 

For some, the festivities can bring a new passionate, loving partner with the 2 of Cups showing up near to the Ace of Wands – this person could be ‘the one’; and also pregnancies and new births with significance, especially around the 25th as the hands in the Ace of Wands looks like receiving a gift from the Heavens. This can be a hot and passionate time for some so be prepared to get out there and enjoy yourself.

With the central row of cards Queen of Pentacles reversed, Ace of Wands and The Hanged Man reversed, you are being asked to appreciate what you have right now.

So many people across the world are still in turmoil through COVID, they are not able to enjoy the same health, freedom or lifestyle; able to see family and friends and are still dealing with the stresses the virus brings.

During the busy time of festivities, spare a moment to stop and give thanks and gratitude for all that you have, for the people you have around you and the roof over your head.  It’s not all about the giving and receiving of presents but it’s about the here and now. This is a special time during the year for connecting spiritually to the Universe, to our belief systems, embracing ourselves as the unique individuals we are and to feel blessed and thankful to the future ahead of us that we hold in our hands. 

Remember and connect to loved ones who are in another realm and no longer with us, they in turn are reaching out to us to send their love, support, and guidance.

Investment in long awaited romantic holidays or family reunions is on the horizon of course with the Ace of Pentacles, The Chariot and the 2 of Cups.

Prepare for hiccups, travel times and prepare for last minute changes that are out of your control regarding travel.  There maybe even some restrictions where your hands are tied and challenges slide in from outside forces.  Have a backup plan that if your initial schedule kind of goes haywire and that includes burning the Christmas dinner, you have an alternative plan B.  This will take away last minute stresses and strains for everyone.

The top row of cards, 2 of Swords reversed, 8 of Swords and 4 of Swords shows this can be a challenging time where tensions rise, there are miscommunications, feeling stuck or obligated to certain commitments and a feeling of being trapped and having to do, say or behave in a certain way when really you want to be doing something else completely different.  It is a time to watch words spoken with tensions as once out there you can’t take them back. 

Or perhaps you still haven’t decided yet what, how or with whom you are going to spend your festivity time but you are being put under pressure to make a commitment.

It can be a time of craziness where we do silly things and then regret them in hindsight, like those raging hangovers the next day or caught kissing someone under the mistletoe. Whatever be sure your actions and decisions are made with caution and take into account others around you and that they stay safe.

In short, the festivities only run for a short period of time, mentally prepare yourself to sail your way through drinking, eating and indulgence.  Try to enjoy yourself as this is the time for you to make the most of opportunities.  Set aside yourself, it’s not always about you and what you want, do it for others.  Don’t forget the other party that you are having to spend time with might also feel the same way about you, as you do them.  It’s about family, good friends and making happy memories with the ones you love and cherish.

A message from the Spirit Guides

Whatever you plan to do, take courage that you have what it takes and the confidence to succeed as we are there for you and there to take care of you and guide you along your way.  We only want to see you succeed. We have your back.

A Message from the Angels

Be sociable, be confident, go with the flow, beautiful new things can come about that will take you in a completely different direction.  Allow the unique, creative you to shine through and let others see you in a new light. It’s time to shed the ‘old you’ and be the bold vibrant ‘new you’.

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