October 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to October’s Newsletter and thank you for being here.Wow! what a month September was. I was fortunate to be able to suddenly take off for a week travelling with my Tarot cards, without a set agenda but with a couple of bucket list places I wanted to visit. Sometimes when you give so much to others, you need to give back to yourself too and something that feeds your Soul. For me it’s being a nomad warrior princess lol yes that’s what I call myself. I have that basic need to travel and explore, to meet new people and to be out of a fixed routine and at times yes, I can be demanding like a princess like anyone I guess.

So I stress it’s important for you too, to know what feeds your Soul and give yourself some indulgence whenever you can.

We are fast approaching the end of 2021 so I am working away bringing as much new vibe to The Tarot Way as possible for you and I promise the next few monthly newsletters are going to be jam packed full of goodies.

So let’s get started with the newsletter and included in this issue:

  • Tarot card for the Month – 6 of Pentacles
  • Let’s Talk Mercury retrograde & Taro spread
  • Community spirit
  • Coming soon
  • Tarot Diva
  • Tarot & crystals
  • Spiritual Vibes – Halloween

With love!

I never cease to be amazed at how accurate the Tarot cards can be with the 6 of Pentacles confirming the theme of this month’s newsletter – taking care of yourself as well as others, helping as part of a community and preparing and planning for the end of another year.

In the 6 of Pentacles, you see the two women at the bottom of the card with their arms crossing each other, both asking of each other and in turn supporting each other. The main figure of a woman with a crown on her head dictating that she is a person in charge of balancing those scales she holds in her left hand and the large pentacle coin in her right. She is a woman that designs the way she runs her life.

The 6 of Pentacles is about balancing things that are right for you when it comes to work, education, achievement, love, home and money. You are the one in charge of your life and the one to take care of you therefore it is important to consider yourself first before helping others to ensure you are not giving too much of yourself away.

This may also be children demanding of a mother’s attention when perhaps she needs to give herself some time to think and plan and budget for the family. Scheduling children back at school and then with all the seasonal expenditure about to land on the doorstep can start to get tricky.

As this is a giving and receiving card and we are in the Mercury retrograde period, I advise caution when it comes to money and investments. If you are handing over money make sure there is no fraud or if lending money and you want it back, you will indeed get it back. And when it comes to helping others also don’t be afraid to ask for help back in return, it should go both ways.

It’s time to weigh up your options and like the woman wearing the crown who is looking to her left, to the past, you may need to rethink about how previous months or projects have worked out. You may need to take this into consideration, starting early to get the rest of your 2021 in order for the finale on New Year’s Eve.

ber 27 to October 17) and we all love to hate the Mercury Retrograde. Some of us go “oh noooo Mercury retrograde help!” because Mercury is the planet of communication, so when it’s in retrograde, things can go a little haywire and seems as though we have gremlins everywhere even getting into our electronic communications so double check you are sending those naughty texts to the right person. With the Mercury retrograde this can be an opportunity stepping back in time to voice unsaid words, rework a task or revisit a situation.

In astrological terms, Mercury retrograde is when the planet Mercury appears to stop and move backwards from its orbit – really, it’s just an optical illusion, but it can cause mayhem for those of us on Earth all the same.

My tips for Mercury retrograde:

  • Make space and time for plans to be disrupted, you may have to take a few steps backwards to go forwards and let go of what you can’t control
  • Allow for misdirection and try to release the idea that everything must go perfectly, the more flexible you can be the better.
  • Sleep on any negative situations, thoughts or feelings or bite your tongue when it comes to a blazing showdown, words once said can’t be taken back, especially once that email has been sent

But you know I am a believer that in the Mercury retrograde period it isn’t all doom and gloom. For example, if you’ve had a project on hold, or you have a problem that just doesn’t seem to go away, I believe Mercury retrograde can reverse that, after all, Mercury retrograde is all about changing direction. So, think about the upside to Mercury retrograde and how it could help you.

There’s a great Tarot spread for this period of time that can help you to prepare. It’s like gearing up, being in charge and being armed to deal with the retrograde and here it is. If you have a deck of Tarot cards get them out and see what they say for you or, pop over to The Tarot Way website where I have a temporary service for the Mercury retrograde.

from the covid pandemic in many ways and continuing with the 6 of Pentacles theme of helping each other out when it is needed, I want to touch on some money and energy saving tips.

It’s certainly worth following this link, I picked up 3 tips that will help me to refocus how I am using energy and some economies I can be making and as with the 6 of Pentacles (coins) I want to share this with you.

20 energy-saving tips for your home

You will always hear it here first in the Newsletter. Being released during the month of October I will be creating a Gift Voucher that you will be able to print off and place inside a card or send as an image when you purchase a Tarot reading for someone other than yourself.

With the Christmas season not too far ahead, I thought this would be a good idea as an usual gift for a friend or member of the family. All you will need to do when making the purchase, is let me know the details of who you would like to receive the Tarot reading and on what date you would like the reading to reach that person’s mailbox.

Watch for a Tarot Gift announcement email coming to your mailbox during October.

Tarot Diva

Do you want to know the inside of a Tarot reader and what makes for a great Tarot reading, or maybe you already have a Tarot deck and want to know how to get the best out of it?

I have created 3 Secrets of a Tarot Diva and it’s absolutely free to you just follow the link for access.

This is not just how to give a great Tarot reading but also for you to get the best out of Tarot readings someone does for, no longer leaving you feeling as though you come away not having all your questions answered with insight, choices and opportunities and goals to move forward.

I am often asked if part of my spiritual and Tarot practice I use crystals and if there is a connection and if so what is it and do I use and collect crystals personally?

Firstly I do collect crystals, I can’t remember if I collected crystals before I started my Tarot journey or if they in fact both showed up at the same time in my life. I think crystals are wonderful, they are a beautiful gift that mother earth gives to us and something we can use to connect back to the Universe. I use them in this way to connect to the Universe for answers through the Tarot. They also make lovely presents with a personal touch. I must admit the majority of my crystals are purple, blue, green and pink which is quite appropriate as a Tarot reader using purple for the connection to the Universe, blue for my 3rd eye which invariably is active with my meditations, green for my voice and communication, and pink for my heart and the love I give back out. That is me personally.

Crystals I use for the Tarot

A lot of clear quartz for the readings I do for people as they are strong and encompass a rainbow of colours. Clear quartz also amplifies the receiving of messages for me. Selenite to clear clutter if the subject in question does not have clear boundaries and then at the end of my readings to cut the connection and seal the reading using my Selenite wand. Smoky quartz keeps me grounded and clears away negative energy. Labradorite or Lapis Azuli I use to stimulate my intuition and 3rd eye.

Yes it’s coming this month… Halloween!!!

It’s time to get the witches hat out, wear your heavy eye makeup, get your cauldron going with a few bats and spiders and rats.

This is a great time to get your witchiness on, let the world see the true you and drum up your own spiritual vibes weather that is dancing under the moon and stars, having a party with some witch’s brew and attracting your Tribe.

Enjoy and have a great time everyone, you know what I will be doing!

Released on Aamzon – Reach for the Stars

I am successful with Affirmations, a friend of mine actually started using them too with my mentoring and literally she saw results the next day and so I wanted to share this with everyone.

Share the Vibe

I am changing the Karmic exchange offer to join The Tarot Way community newsletter to a free ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Answer 1 card Tarot reading with all new subscriptions from 1 October. So if you have any friends with an issue or in need of Tarot guidance you can send them this link and Share the Vibe.

Or even send me their email address and Share the October Newsletter

You can read more about the individual Tarot cards at the Tarot Café as well as messages from the Divine. Keep an eye on the Coming Soon page on the website as there are a couple of ‘works in progress’ that I will be releasing before the end of the year and of course … the gift voucher announcement email.

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