Tarot Court Cards


These are people who are at the beginning of a new phase in their life, not necessarily a new journey but it could be related to their perspective, perhaps discovering something new and deciding to change direction.  Usually at this early stage there is some excitement in the development and what the future holds in store and no obstacles can stand in the way.  The Pages can also refer to young adults within family or friends.


The Knight is an energetic person, they are already on their path to success and can be found to be very energetic in life.  They can be problem solvers, seen to be influential, can be very romantic and usually are career climbers.  The Knights are at the peak in life and are not afraid to show off their talents, extravagant lifestyle and their position.  The Knights still have a lot to learn and can be someone between their teens to 35 not quite someone who has gained all the experiences of life.


The Queens appear when you are one step away from the top of your game.  They are like your right-hand man – you’ve heard of that saying behind every great man there is a great woman.  However, I must clarify that the court cards are non-gender specific.  The Queen status usually is a person of maturity that has gained a lot of experience, they are not afraid to voice their opinions, if single will be in a position of self-made wealth, they will be someone who moves forward all the time and will be very comfortable with their own status.  The Queens can be the head of the household and seen as a nurturing person.


The Kings are usually people who will hold a higher level in society or top management in business, and within the family everything will revolve around them.  The Kings is someone who holds a position of authority and power, and a depth of knowledge despite their age. 

The Kings will be in command, show a lot of intellectual power as well as courage and can be great visionaries and is an ‘all in’ person with position, no pussy footing around.  As well as all this the Kings is someone that not only demands respect but is someone that you are automatically drawn to through their personality, charisma and vision.

The Group of Court Cards

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