August 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to August’s Newsletter and thank you for being here.

I don’t know about you, but I have been distracted by some good weather and I have found it super difficult to carry on staying focussed on the day-to-day tasks in hand especially when I have been wanting to be out and about enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and have ideas about how I’m going to celebrate my key birthday in August. But as they say “all work and no play makes Gill a dull girl”, so I hope this newsletter brings some light relief to your workload and helps you with your plans, whatever they are for the month of August.

In this issue I am focussing very much on being in alignment with our highest vibration and the topics are:

  • Self-Care – 3 Ways to Attract Positive Energy to You and Raise Your Vibration
  • Spiritual Vibes – Soul Sanctuary
  • The Subconscious Alignment
  • It’s Finally here!!
  • Tarot card for the Month – Queen of Cups

With love!

The theme throughout the August Newsletter is based around positive energy so here are just 3 Ways to Attract Positive Energy to You and Raise Your Vibration that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

#1 Positive Thoughts Attract More Positive Energy Around You

Thinking positively not only raises your vibration but it attracts even more positivity towards you. And it also works the same of negative thoughts, so start paying attention to your thoughts and when they are negative don’t indulge them. The quicker you can recognise consciously a negative thought starting, the easier it is to stop it in its track and try to put a constructive spin on it for example you might think:

I hate having to check my email box everyday and find a load of junk mail in there to…

I’m going to make my email inbox work for me better and set up filters

You get the idea.

It also is fair to say your vibration can be affected by what you listen to in the way of music or, in others talk around you. When it is negative it can really bring you down and make you miserable whereas when you hear nice things and people around you buzz with positivity and are very upbeat in what they say, it is up-lifting, you tend to get drawn and hooked onto their higher vibrations which in turn increases your vibration. So only surround yourself with those people who are upbeat in life.

#2 Surround Yourself with Positive Energy Objects and other things that make you happy

This is so important in the home and at work, having that good vibe energy around you. At home it can be a piece of artwork, a statue or something you’ve personally made. I am a great Feng Shui enthusiast about the flow of energy so just clearing furniture aside or clearing the clutter even can create a more positive flow of energy and vibration for you.


My favourite tip for in the home raising your vibration is to ensure your bedroom is always kept neat and tidy and well aired. It is so true when they say the first thing you open your eyes to creates harmony or disharmony for the rest of the day.

In the work place it maybe having a plant, one of your favourite crystals, or perhaps just having a really neat and organised desk area where you can see clearly your workload and what is required of you, so you feel you are in control of your day rather than being driven by your day.


When I want to be really productive on a specific day, I will dress as if I am going to a business meeting even if I am not and also, I have a particular chunky necklace that I wear when I know I need to empower myself for a really busy day ahead.

#3 Align Your Energy at the Beginning of the Day

Try to start your day from a positive place of Love rather than one of feeling harassed or, already fearing the coming events of the day.

As your day progresses in every situation, think of a loving and positive solution that may work for you. If you can do this, you’ll start off and continue, on a high vibrational field of energy and be more open and receptive to the opportunities and solutions that will be available to you.

I’d love to hear from you how you try to bring a higher positive vibration into your life which in turn may help others in The Tarot Way community. Tag me @johnsonha82021 with #thetarotway on Instagram with your insights or comment under the Newsletter on the Facebook page The Tarot Way with Heather Johnson.

I mentioned music and words we hear in #1 Positive Vibes above and the effect this has on our vibrations. We all know how music can affect our moods, perhaps sometimes we play upbeat dance music to take away the boredom of chores; some of us even play music to our plants to encourage them to grow and flourish.

But how about your Soul? Do you play music to or, for your Soul, your core- essence? Together with meditation which is important for me with my connection to others through the Tarot and the Universe, I nurture my Soul with New Age music.

This is almost like the Universal Mother nurturing and caring for her baby where sometimes I even feel that gentle rocking and soothing of my very being as well as a deep loving, protective and kind energy. By tending to our Soul enables us to develop our own sense of personal value, belonging and home, ensuring we keep our hearts open to receive love despite some of life’s experiences and helps us to stay authentic to our true selves.

With this in mind I have created a Playlist especially for you, from my library on YouTube of New Age music, entitled My Soul Sanctuary. Follow the link here and I hope you enjoy and know that you are loved and wanted and important. x

This just wouldn’t be a Tarot Newsletter without me mentioning how I do my Tarot readings and here’s something I want to share with you.

When I do a Tarot reading I very much like to co-create with my clients the questions for the Tarot. In other words sometimes I help to rephrase a question so the Tarot will give much more insightful and powerful answers and also ones that give a vision of opportunities for change. I have even had people say just by working with me on those questions they already start to receive answers from their intuition before they they receive my Tarot reading, this is where your Subconscious Alignment has been triggered.

I’m all about stimulating and triggering our intuition and the subconscious and bringing it to the forefront of the conscious mind. You can find more about stimulating your intuition and how to ask more powerful questions by requesting access to 3 Secrets to be a Tarot Diva here.

If you fancy getting yourself an uptodate Tarot reading on any of the situations in your life pop on over to and pickup the order for an Everyday Tarot reading. You know you can always drop me a line, any time when needing guidance.

It’s Finally here!!

Reach for the Stars – the first in a mini series of e-books I have created and self-published. I am so proud of myself and over the moon my e-book is now available on Amazon!!

Strangers I speak to are always amazed at how much I have done in my life and my positive outlook, how I continually seem to be in a state of moving forward and always ask me about my drive and what’s next? Positivity and Affirmations is something I have always practiced from being young and want to now share it to the world.

If you have you tried Affirmations and given up or, said they just don’t work, or at least not for me? The key is in the secret of how to work with Affirmations and once you have easily mastered this, you can apply this method to anything you do in life.

I reveal in this book my secret formula how to work Affirmations into your life and how they have helped me to reshape my life completely, built a confidence where I never think I can’t achieve anything, helps me to show up all the time regardless which in turn helps me with my inspirations and motivations for fulfilment.

Can’t find the book on Amazon? Drop me a line.

August is marked by the Queen of Cups. You see her sitting here so serenely by the sea gazing into a large cup of emotional love in her hand with a rainbow and sparkles all around her.

August can be a busy month for a lot of families so keeping calm, emotions in check not only for yourself but for all those around you will be key. It’s a great month for nurturing relationships whether on a holiday romantic level or, bringing family members and friends together for bonding time, especially more so now that we have a little more freedom living with covid and restrictions being lifted slightly.

Just organising and getting everyone together can be stressful so the main focus is going to be keeping the peace, staying calm as well as ensuring everyone’s needs are met and they all have a small piece of your time.

Make sure all plans are secure and in place but with it being a busy month ensure you keep listening to your intuition, don’t push it aside, when those thoughts crop up they can be your internal early warning system. Nothing is set in stone and plans can be changed where necessary so don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

Also don’t forget to nurture that all important person… you…it’s ok giving to everyone else but don’t forget to be compassionate towards yourself and make sure you.also receive love and kindness from others.


Have a Plan B for any key activities you are planning, life is still very flexible at the moment and what you may think is all set to go may take some kind of diversion.

You can read more about the individual Tarot cards at the Tarot Café.

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