Oh My Bleeding Heart…. messages from the Divine

When I start my day with my connection to the Divine, usually whilst sitting having my breakfast at the table in my bay window; I have no idea what the Universe has in store for me in the way of my light work.  It can be anything from Tarot readings obviously, to Oracle readings, writing creatively for the Tarot Café, coming up with ideas for the next monthly edition of The Tarot Way Newsletter, write a book for motivation and self-empowerment, keeping in touch with my community through social media, to just being in touch with mother earth and spending  some time by the sea to recharge, reset and just breathe.

All I know is that my hand is guided to help and heal people the only way I know how with compassion, understanding and love.  I write through the love of the Universe to you today.

On this particular morning when shuffling my Tarot cards and asking the Universe “What is it you want me to do to help others today?”, the cards kept flying out, more than usual.  As the cards started come fly I could tell straight away this was all about love, our understanding, the pain and growth that comes through life.  These are the messages sent from the Divine to all her children who may be experiencing pain right now, who need self-healing and understanding and guidance from her loving hand.

The cards are in the image and I have to started with the centre of love, the heart and the centre cards of the spread.  In relationships (9 of Swords) there is the stress and anquish and the sleepless nights, the worry of how things are going to work out for you both (6 of Coins) and will your heart ever recover from the deep wounded pain that you feel or maybe even created (3 of Swords).

When relationships go wrong it affects our future, our beliefs, our feelings and confidence (the Fool) in will be ever trust and someone again that reflects the same new values that we want with our heart (2 of Cups).

It takes time to distances ourselves (4 of Coins), we give to those we trust and usually the opposite partnerships for us get pushed aside and sometimes we miss opportunities to move on (6 of Coins) but staying fast and true to ourselves, distracting ourselves with work and other things to take our mind away from the heart, continually working hard to heal our hearts and even when we think we have succeeded, something comes up and we have to deal with it all again (8 of Coins) but mastering the heart we eventually do.

The wounds of the heart should be worn with pride (3 of Swords) they are what makes us who we are.  Those who have not experienced pain of losing a family member or love partner haven’t really lived.  Take those wounds of the heart forward, you can’t erase them but embrace them, they will always be there as a reminder of how far you have come/or will come.  See the good times, what made you happy, those hysterically laughing moments shared (9 of Cups), the wonder of life generated between you, the pleasures of the flesh and how you both nurtured each other (The Lovers). 

All of this sets you on the next stepping-stone in life (The Fool), the next time you will establish mutual respect maybe even change your idea of what a partner means to you (2 of Cups) and someone who is on the same wavelength, has the same vision and is on your page with the same committed boundaries of what your future relationship needs are (The Lovers).

The Divine wants you to know that at the root of all relationships there are two that enter into that contract, it isn’t only one person to blame and it is not only the fault of one person that has to take all the blame, guilt, responsibility.  You shouldn’t have to beg for the attention and the love that you so deserve (6 of Coins).  The Universe feels your pain (9 of Swords) but is doing it’s best to help you heal yourself (3 of Swords).  Have trust in the Divine who will help you, as long as you are willing to help yourself (8 of Coins).  Trust, have faith, don’t look back but only forwards (The Fool) and you will find more fulfilment, happiness, love and abundance in the future.  Just believe in yourself.

Its times to open up (4 of Coins) do what you need to do, ask for help if needed (6 of Coins) and know that with time you are/will be ready again all the more wiser, all the more knowledgeable, all the more experienced, all the more ready to nurture yourself and know what you want (8 of Coins).

Don’t worry if a future relationships goes pear shape (9 of Swords), don’t stress yourself out about getting back out there, nine times out of ten you will have a sympathetic ear when you voice your experiences in love and know that they are our marks of bravery.  Be prepared to just do it (The Fool) the next time someone appears in front of you offering you friendship, love and mutual respect (2 of Cups), the Universe has got your back.

Life is a journey (The Fool) in our ultimate search for love and happiness (9 of Cups) you are going to pick up war wounds along the way of life, whether physically or emotionally (3 of Swords).  The encompassing Love of the Divine (The Lovers) is all around you, from family, friends, work colleagues and future encounters.  The Universe loves you as its child and wants to heal and send you the love you so deserve.  You may not see a way forward, a bright new future (9 of Wands at the bottom of the deck) just always be clear, communicate, work with yourself to set your boundaries for the future, be clear on what love means to you and the respect you want in return for your love and what you will or, will not tolerate from the start.

Whoever these words are for, for those that need to hear, know that love is so fine like a flower. It has it’s seasons, there are times when you stand back in amazement and gaze at the beauty that you feel but like the flower, love has the chance to bloom in the most extraordinary of places.

My blessings and an abundance of love is sent to you, right now, from the Universe.

Written by the Tarot Muse

Look at the Tarot spread above and see if there is any card specifically drawing your attention and then pick up that tarot card in the blog text to see what the Divine wants you to focus on.

Personal Love Tarot Readings for self-healing, love and understanding are now available.

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