July 2021 Newsletter

Hi, I am so excited to bring you the July Newsletter from The Tarot Way, I am feeling so energised with all the new things in the pipeline at the moment and I just can’t wait to tell you about everything but first let’s see what is in this month’s Newsletter for you.

  • Self-Care – Body Awareness for July
  • A Handful of Spiritual Vibes
  • Self-Love Talk
  • Tarot for the Month – Knight of Wands
  • One of My Personal Tarot Spreads

With love!

For the month of July I want to talk about body awareness as our self-care. We all tend to look at our bodies from the external physical aspect, we feel our booty is too big, we feel bloated and fat, we wish we didn’t have bat wings, we wish we looked different, etc. But this month I want to challenge you to take a different view of your body and to communicate with your body, instead of just taking it for granted every day that your body will wake up, help you to dress, work, eat, carry you through the day and do whatever you ask and then at the end of the day, allow your body to rest. Do you stop to think about the subconscious stress asked of your body every day? I challenge you to join me on a 5 Day Body Awareness and at the time of writing I am on my 3rd day of the 5 Day challenge. I have discovered a woman called Pahla B on YouTube who has 200K views, who helps women to be stronger and more empowered through their inner core which is the fundamental foundation of our physical performance.

This isn’t about giving our bodies a gym workout and being exhausted at the end of exercising but more about focusing our intention and noticing our body and the inner core which we don’t physically see. It’s about being a best friend to your body and helping your muscles to have a tune up so they can perform better for you and at the end of the day, with just a little maintenance see how you can feel with your mind, more in tune with your body’s performance.

What I like about Pahla B is she talks to you all the time during this easy routine and listening to her with your ears is like your body listening to your inner thoughts and we all know how powerful that is. You aren’t left in silence watching the clock tick down until your next body movement and I am sure you will agree, what Pahla B has to say, is really informative and helps you to focus on the communication with your body. Click the link below to get access.

There’s no floor work, there’s no getting equipment out, all you need is a small clear standing space of about a meter which can easily be in the comfort of your own bedroom while watching her YouTube sessions. All you need is 26 minutes of your time.

I challenge you to be more body aware during the month of July, see how tall you stand and feel that self-empowerment which helps you to face the world every day, knowing that you are taking care of yourself at the root of your being (your body) which is going to make way for you to move forward confident with less stress.

Pahla B makes me feel like I’m giving myself self-love and hopefully it will too for you. Give yourself a big hug after the 5 Day challenge and schedule that talk with your body on a regular day of the week to continue your mind connection with your body.

I’d love to hear what you noticed during this challenge. Tag me @johnsonha82021 on Instagram with your insights!

Tap into what it looks and feels like to be loved.

It’s easy to be loving towards ourselves when things are going great, we are succeeding and people around us are being nice and like us but as soon as stuff falls apart, we make mistakes, or get rejected this is when we tend to be the hardest on ourselves. We will berate ourselves, scold ourselves for being vulnerable and should know better, or we criticize ourselves on performance, or body image.

In these moments, ask yourself how that someone who loves you deeply would act towards you, what would they say, how would they behave towards you? They wouldn’t criticize or pass judgement on you, odds are they would offer you kindness and compassion and would accept you for who you are regardless.

So the next time something doesn’t quite go to plan and you catch that mean inner voice starting to spout, practice giving yourself a handful of self-love and know that it was an experience the Universe wanted you to have to help you grow and it is our lesson, to practice kindness and compassion to ourselves that was the real purpose.

I am so proud to be finalising the first in a series of mini e-books based around Affirmations for Self-Empowerment which encourages you to do daily Affirmations for success, achievement and direction. With the July monthly newsletter only you have the opportunity to pre-order a copy absolutely free. I will be revealing my personal secret on how to get Affirmations to really work. I will show you how to successfully bring Affirmations to the table, how to work with them, easy techniques that you can apply any time of the day that will help you develop positive habits and be in charge of your emotions.

This just wouldn’t be a Tarot Newsletter without me mentioning how I do my Tarot readings and here’s something I want to share with you.

The Tarot can be used when you just want to know something, a bit like looking into a crystal ball because you want to know what is going on but also the Tarot can help you so much more than just give insight when the right set of questions are asked.

Here’s a dip into one of my ways how I use the Tarot in my life.

There comes a time in life when we have to make a decision and yes I am also one of those people who sometimes sticks my head in the sand even though I know I have to make a choice in life, or a decision to change something up, whether it’s personal, professional, or just life in general and it takes courage because at the root of it all is that unknown fear factor of are you making the right decision.

The Tarot readings I do are unbiased and not only help with insight but also direction and that in itself, helps you to be more informed, so the choices you make are the right ones specifically for you on your journey through life.

Here is one of my personalised Tarot spreads for those times when I need to make a choice or decision and need some kind of guideline that will help me.

Of course the more specific you can be about the choices or decision you need to make will create a more accurate Tarot reading.

So if you find yourself in a situation such as this, needing guidance, head over to thetarotway.com and pickup the order for an Everyday Tarot reading. You know you can always drop me a line, any time when needing guidance.

This month is marked by the helping Knight who is full of passion and energy making plans and wanting to fulfil everyone’s desires.

How as the Knight of Wands is your summer shaping up?

With the Knight of Wands showing up for this month, you could be feeling energised craving action and adventure and maybe even be impulsive in taking off wanting to make up for lost time. It could even see you resurrecting postponed plans and catching up with those friends and loved one you have not seen for a while.

However, one thing to note with the Knight of Wands and having such passion and drive, is to make sure your energy isn’t scattered and that you stay focussed so there aren’t any setbacks, delays or frustrations because you missed something and have to go back and do it all over again. Just double check any hasty actions.

If you are looking for love then maybe this Knight of Wands will make a quick entry into your life and will come brimming with passion, be very charming and attractive and is likely to sweep you off your feet leaving you feeling breathless. Or he maybe someone who suddenly appears to rescue you and help you out with a situation as he loves bounding in, helping and then dashing on his way.

You can read more about the individual Tarot cards at the Tarot Café.

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