Breakfast at the Tarot Cafe – The Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords
The Tarot Way Tarot readings
Image courtesy of Ciro Marchetti

It’s a challenging day here at the Tarot Café today and clearly the card for today The Knight of Swords is indicating that things might not go according to plan.  First of all he is facing to the left (going back) and not the right (going forward) which means you might have to go back and redo something that you thought would work and it just didn’t. Because of perhaps having to revisit something, you feel this is a kind of frustrating day and the Swords person isn’t always a “touch feely” kind of person, they are usually pretty direct, so if this is you watch your words.

The Sword is air, it’s communication, our thinking process, knowing what the truth is and the seeking of intellectual information.

The Knight of Swords is an intellectual person, an active thinker who likes to dash in and solve problems and then will quickly disappear again either to help someone else or get back on course to what they are supposed to be doing.

If you have this person coming into your day, they are a helpful person who might even be your Knight in shining armour.  Or if you have an issue a problem shared is a problem halved and I am sure the Knight will come up with some things that you have not thought about yourself.

If the Knight sounds like you then you might want to structure your own day before dashing off to help those others that you love to do.

In career to go forward you may have to take a step back but that is not a necessarily bad thing as the sword is double sided which means that things can still work out for you.

Spiritually, you may not be totally focussed at the moment on yourself and it’s ok being generous of heart and wanting to help others but don’t forget about yourself and self-care and perhaps structure a little more time in your day where you can reconnect with the Universe, listen to your intuition and then move forward in your day.

Your empowerment for the day with the Knight of Swords, is to now that if you feel it’s right to take a step back, do so, our truth comes from within, so listen to your intuition.  Today is a good day to listen to all the information coming through during the day and decipher what sounds right to you, as with the double edge of the sword you can drop things that no longer serve you or have become a drain on you.  However you go about your day, do it with self-esteem, do everything with heart and putting yourself before others is ok.

Written by the Tarot Muse
Image from the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

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