Breakfast at the Tarot Café – Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords
Tarot readings at The Tarot Way
Image courtesy of Ciro Marchetti

Do you recognise this person?  The Queen of Swords in my Tarot readings represents someone who is intelligent, I say this as the Swords suit in Tarot represents the intelligence, mental activity, communication and speech.  So the person representing the Queen of Swords is one who doesn’t stand idly by, they are a thinker and communicator, will be involved in business, organised and probably like to hear their own voice at times.  They also like things done in a specific logical way and sometimes think they need to do everything themselves as then they know it has been done the correct way.  Yes one of your obstacles or challenges will be letting go and allowing others to do jobs to the best of their abilities, it may not be your way but does that matter as long as the end result is the same. Languages may be a plus on their side too.

However, when this is a helpful person coming in through your Tarot reading they will be compassionate to your cause, they will be a listener and a solution provider.  They try to treat people fairly but don’t suffer fools gladly, so as with the sword remember there is always two sides and perhaps sometimes their words can be cutting but in reality they are speaking their truth rather than being hurtful.  But definitely if you have situations that need to be sorted, the Queen of Swords is the person to go to and will come up with multiple reasons or tactics on how you can succeed.

In the reverse position in a reading, then yes words can be hurtful, there could be feelings of emotional detachment, as they have disengaged their heart and emotions and that come from a place of mental weariness.  Almost a place of being in jail, no movement, no flexibility and stuck within a contractual agreement maybe.  It doesn’t matter what you say, the course cannot be changed but as always there is a way out.  The solution of course can be found in a full Tarot reading and the surrounding cards.

When it comes to career, this person will hold some kind of managerial position and will be well respected in their field, you may have already reached your attainment level and all your wits will be needed to attain the ultimate goal. By being less demanding and dictatorial will go a long way, see how you can cut and fine tune jobs, schedules, strategies and get staff communicating efficiently.

Investment and business wise, there could be something coming through technologically to up your game on social media, the internet in general or getting your communications improved.  At this point it is a good time to keep an eye on performance and don’t relax because statistically all looks good.  Treasure what you have already achieved, protect your investments to stay ahead of the game.

Spiritually you can be on a much higher plain than others, transcendental meditation and metaphysical practices with a great depth of knowledge requiring a technical skill, something that requires an in-depth study before you can apply it could be in your sphere right now.  You will need to cut through the knowledge for the truth that you seek and apply what feels right to you as the unique spirit that you are, listen to the intuition.  This would be a good time to become a teacher and to pass on what you have already learned to help others on the same quest.  Compassion and knowledge go hand in hand so be generous.

For self-empowerment you have it all going on don’t forget you are allowed some down time too to recharge that mental activity.  Ensure you are getting enough rest so that you don’t burn out.  Your affirmation with this card is:  I AM taking care of my mental health and restoring my mind, body and soul.

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Written by the Tarot Muse
Queen of Wands courtesy of Ciro Marchetti & Josephine Ellershaw, The Easy Tarot deck

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