Breakfast at The Tarot Café – 6 of Wands

6 of Wands
The Tarot Way Tarot Readings
Image Ciro Marchetti

Success, victory, celebrations, accolade, being seen in public and at last getting the recognition that you want and need? then this is the card to look or in your Tarot reading with me.  If you have put in for a promotion, applied for a managerial job in a service industry then be assured of success.

In the reversed position this can indicate you are not putting yourself out there and the question of why are you holding yourself back needs to be asked and this is where the card standing next to it would give you the answer.  Of course, it could also mean you are being overlooked and to get a true meaning on this card one would need to have a personalised Tarot reading instead of wondering and looking at the basic meaning of the card.

In business the 6 of Wands can show you being prominent whether that is running a workshop, campaign, or heading up a key project, or even being present at an exhibition.  Depending on the placement this can be present success and visibility, near future, or the coming future over the next few months; either way, it’s all good.  You are likely to be a trail blazer as the wands are all about action and success so others could be looking up to how you conduct yourself, the career you have made for yourself and wanting to emulate your success.  But don’t forget, when you achieve a certain level of success there will be other wanting to take what is yours, keep your competition close.  Flaunt it, you’ve got it.

When looking for a career boost, or move of industry then something more in the public eye for example government, health service, charity or in service to others would be a good place to explore. 

Financially others could see you prosper in your life and you could be seen for your wealth and how you go about creating the wealth in your life.  It also could be that you are holding a big celebration with family and friends so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Spiritually you could be seen to be taking up some kind of leadership role, or maybe even joining like minded others on a retreat for example.  Perhaps you are even opening up some kind of spiritual practice where others will see you in service.

For self-empowerment it’s time for you to be back out there in the crowd, to be recognised for who you are and show the world what you’ve got to give.
Written by the Tarot Muse
6 of Wands courtesy of Ciro Marchetti & Josephine Shaw

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