Tarot Café Breakfast – The Empress

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The Empress
Image courtesy for Ciro Marchetti
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In my Tarot reading this card is a red light for yes go for it.  If you have a new idea, want to create a new project or start your own business, this card is saying it’s about time to get it out there in the open world.  It’s a very prosperous, creative time that can come in the form of starting a family, or if you are a mother already, you will be steering the home and family, creating schedules, getting everything and everyone organised, using your feminine powers of nurturing and letting your inner beauty shine through.

This is a Major Arcana card so this can be a theme that you are going through right now, or a stepping stone that you need to take on your journey that is going to take you to the next level of expansion and one that needs attention otherwise you will come back full circle and it will crop up again. Not only is this a prosperous time for you but everything around you seems to be taking root and springing forth so look for those new opportunities to expand your horizon and it could be all those hours of study are starting to suddenly pay off.

Financially this could be a good time for investing for the longterm future, what you are able to plant now will surely make good foundation for self-development and expansion bringing those into your arena who will help you to create your future success.

Business wise you may have been thinking about going solo, becoming an entrepreneur, or working as a consultant.  This is something that is going to give you more flexibility where you can determine your own working hours which is going to help you to be more creative in various aspects of your life.  Of course you may have offered multiple services to get your business off the ground and now is the time to look at where the strength is, so you can continue to invest in those areas that are already showing signs of interest.

If this comes up in reverse in my Tarot readings, you need to address what is holding you back, or what the challenges are for getting your creativity out in the open.  By asking others for their opinions, how they would do things, or even for their help may free up an avenue for you to steer your aspirations in the right direction.  This could also indicate infertility when planning a family and if so then you could look for alternative therapies to help with this.

Spiritually The Empress is working with the Universe to nurture herself/himself for growth, looking and exploring ways for self-fulfilment and alignment.  If you are trying several different spiritual enhancements, have a look at what really feels a part of you and what you are drawn to more and expand on that.  Look at how you can nurture the world and what your role is in it. You could even start giving mini classes to others who share your interests.

For self-empowerment know we are all individuals, we all create our own inner and outer world and you are able to create anything you want.  It doesn’t matter if you decide to change direction, there I no failure only experience and growth and you are the living representative of the best you can be.  Go forth and prosper my friends as Mr Spock would say.

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Written by the Tarot Muse
The Empress card courtesy of Ciro Marchetti & Josephine Ellershaw

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