60% Water You & The Moon

I use Moon readings to successfully run my business as well as making special spiritual rituals on certain moons and I want to share this with you and show you how you can harness the moon’s energies whether for personal goals, or business success.  Through a personalised Moon reading you too can harness the moon’s energies at the right time to create more financial and personal success whether it is getting yourself back on track emotionally and spiritually, if you are starting a new project, creating a new business, or the best times to launch a successful campaign. 

You can use the moon’s energies too to create the flow needed to manifest whatever you want and feel as though you are swimming with the flow of life instead of fighting against the tide.

My #1 aim is to share with you how to tune into the moon’s energy and cycles for personal, emotional and spiritual balance for success and alignment through the use of the Tarot and I always believe those who find me here have found me for a reason and that opportunity shouldn’t be passed up.  It could be you have been drawn by Divine timing, or the energy of the moon itself, so why not read, take onboard and see how the Moon’s energy can benefit you.

I can show you :

  • when it’s time to set out new ideas and inspirations
  • get organised, push forward to finish off projects
  • when it’s time to be seen and celebrate/promote yourself and your achievements
  • create new products/services and implement new ideas

You can go ahead and download my free Moon Journal and start journaling to get in the flow with the moon, or you can request my Tarot Moon reading which will kick start your flow without you having to figure it out for yourself.  Not only will I show how to get in the flow of pushing forward and when to allow effects to take place but also which areas need more focus and what areas you can drop that is no longer serving you.

No particular time of the moon cycle is required to request your Moon reading you can hop right in whenever you feel like it.

Your Tarot reading isn’t a ‘one time use’, it is available to you to refer back to as you plan, implement and achieve your goals over the next coming months.  It will be your guide, it will help you to tune into that natural rhythm of the moon and you will feel more in alignment with flow for success.

Head on over now to book your Moon reading and let me know what area of your life you are needing to align with the moon.

Join the Monthly Newsletter for upcoming moon events and tips, what’s in the pipeline, Spiritual vibes, self-care and what the Tarot is saying for the coming month.

If you have any questions regarding your requirements and this type of reading drop me a line at heather@thetarotway.com

My blessings to you and I look forward to helping you tune into the Moon for success.

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