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Wheel of Fortune
Ciro Marchetti
Gilded Tarot Royale
Wheel of Fortune

Welcome to the Tarot Café and The Wheel of Fortune yey!  Love this card turning up in a Tarot reading, it is the biz.  It’s karma, it’s total fruition whether that is projects, realisation in investments, achieving your ultimate goals, finally retiring at an early age, an advertising campaign bringing you rewards, this card encompasses everything.

It’s all about the hard work, your efforts are paying off and the cogs may have been turning slowly but hey you are arriving, if you have not already arrived!  And if you feel your fortunes still haven’t come in for you, they are definitely on the horizon and you are a rising star.

The Wheel of Fortune is as it says, fortune coming your way and don’t forget that comes in many forms it doesn’t always mean diamonds and lottery, although I wish that for everyone but also a kind of karmic payback for all the good work you have done also.

When it comes to career or business, you are on the rise and may even be feeling this inside and that you are growing with your standing and position.  If you are looking for work then that job is definitely here for you.

Financially, this means things are turning for the better if they haven’t already and you should finally be in a position of comfort but as always because the Wheel of Fortune is a dial, watch those pennies you may be feeling flush right now but what goes around comes around as they say.  Be wise like the lion, have some play time like the monkey but don’t over spend and be like the rabbit and maybe invest some of that good fortune for further down the road.

I just love this card totally spiritually it likes ascending to higher realms from mother earth and making that Divine universal connection and you may even be experiencing epiphanies and finally seeing the world in a different light.  You are in a good position to share your spirituality, blessings and gratitude with the rest of the world.

Environmentally you could be looking in some way to save the earth or a project regarding this is finally lifting off the ground.

If on a personal level, if you have really been having to get yourself re-established on a health, money, or love situation, you are coming through this, in a much better position and feeling as though you can conquer the world again, or if this was to come up in your future position in a Tarot reading… don’t give up hope better things are on the horizon and the Universe has your back.

Of course this is a general writing about the Wheel of Fortune card and without having a personal Tarot reading and seeing where this card lands for you, you can’t know the true influence but I have to mention the dreaded reverse position which is a challenge or obstacle for you and this card in a Tarot reading in reverse is saying it’s time to break those cycles and stop resisting change in whatever way your fortune is being affected today whether that is on a mental, spiritual or physical level, now is the time to make that important change my friend and at last you have the strength to take that step.

I wish you all good fortune today in whatever form comes your way and as with Karma please make sure you are in gratitude, count your blessings, be kind to others and if you find yourself in a position to help someone less fortunate, do that.
Written by the Tarot Muse
Wheel of Fortune card care of Ciro Marchetti, Gilded Tarot Royale

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