Tarot Café Breakfast at The Tarot Way – Page of Cups

Tarot readings
Page of Cups
Ciro Marchetti & Josephine Ellershaw
Easy Tarot deck
Page of Cups

Oh so pleased about The Page of Cups that flew out today.  In a Tarot reading there is a new way of thinking about love in itself, what love is exactly for you as it comes in many, many forms.  You may also be looking at how to bring a new love energy into a project or business, how can you bring young people together and what truly makes them happy and bring laughter into your lives.

If you are single you could even be brave enough to say, yes I am, I’m really going to do this, I’m going to go out there and search for that ‘special someone’ in my life.  Of course, it doesn’t always have to be in the form of a human being, this too can come through discovering love from interacting with nature and getting a new pet. 

As people the Page is a younger person that is about to embark on a love relationship or new passion and is really interest to seeing how things go.  When I look at the Page of Cups in the image he’s pretty relaxed in his movement forward and very casual in the way he hold the cup and with his expression he looks as if he is about to say something, so keep those ears open for this type of person around you.

If this Page of Cups is you, be daring to speak out about the emotions, passions and desires you are feeling and engage with others, this could be just the beginning of something much bigger.  It could also be you need to be showing more compassion towards someone, so make that gesture that you are here for them.

Love could also come as a surprise and in an unexpected way either as a gesture of romance, a show of love from a child or even admiration or crush from the friend of one of your teenagers.  As an older person it could be a surprise show of love from someone younger than you by a quite a few years but hey everything make the world go around and wow! how exciting are new experiences of love.

Spiritually you could be embarking on a new journey that will bring you more abundance of love, or perhaps beginning to share your spiritual passion with others. Don’t forget to give thanks and gratitude for the love you receive.

Wherever, you are seeking love my friends, I wish you so much from my heart.
Written by the Tarot Muse
Page of Cups card courtesy of Ciro Marchetti & Josephine Ellershaw, Easy Tarot deck

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