Tarot Café Breakfast at The Tarot Way – The Hermit

Tarot readings
The Hermit
Ciro Marchetti & Josephine Ellershaw
Easy Tarot Deck
The Hermit

So today we have The Hermit and he always looks a lonely old man when he shows up in a Tarot reading and can make you kind of feel sad but… it’s not about being lonely but being on a personal journey, a personal quest through life that is unique to you. 

Yes, you may be spending a bit more time on your own and that could be to get a clearer perspective of where you are going and what your next steps are and trying to see a way forward.  If you are not spending time by yourself then why not do so now to clear the day-to-day pull on you from others, have some quality ‘me’ time because that is when you can truly tune into what is going on with you, you have time to let your mind wander and explore and really feel the feel of what is going on with you. 

You may even be asking yourself what is my spiritual path, where am I being spiritually guided and for what purpose? 

You may also be thinking about what does the Universe have in store for you or even taking stock on what the Universe has delivered to you so far.  How has that affected you to become the person you are today and where are you now regarding your future, are you being open enough to the Universe to deliver you onto that next stepping stone.

If The Hermit turns up in your Tarot reading in the reverse position this could be saying you are being closed off and introverted at the moment so have a look at behavioural patterns that can make us become even more singular – I know especially with the effects of covid and enforced isolations too much time alone is not good for the Soul, so check in with that.

Spiritually it could be a good time to share your Spirituality and show others how they can shine a light too, perhaps there’s even the possibility of being a guru as you have reached a high level of maturity with your spiritual self.

The card before The Hermit is The Strength card so you stand in a very strong position of independence and the next card after The Hermit is The Wheel, so times are changing or maybe you need to be making some changes in your life.  You have the strength so go out there and do it, whatever you feel that calling is.
Written by the Tarot Muse
The Hermit card courtesy of Ciro Marchetti & Josephine Ellershaw, Easy Tarot deck

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