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5 of Swords
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5 of Swords

Good morning Tarot followers and today we have the 5 of Swords, not a card we welcome in the upright position everyday as this means there are going to be some battles fought and yes you might win but at what cost!  You may be collecting your victories for personal gain along the way but to what extent are you hurting others and more to the point what friendships are you losing along the way, is it worth it in the long-term?  Ok you might be bold enough to say what’s important to me know is achieving… whatever, and I am able to go back and say sorry but you know how it is, it’s dog eat dog world out there.  However, you could get so far up the food chain and the more time that passes the big rift appears making that ‘sorry’ harder to say.  Looking at the image it’s a bit of a firey time and actions are going to be swift with this being an air sign so watch out for it to get heated.

However, in the reverse yes! this is one time we welcome the reverse position and what we like to see, it means there could be offerings of sorry and conflicts turning around for you with perhaps an unexpected surprise admission of being in the wrong.  It’s a time to take that hand put the past in the past, ok you might not forget it, but you can always reset those boundaries to make sure the upsets don’t happen again.

When it comes to business my friends, it’s a very competitive world out there and you may feel betrayed in some ways but in the image you can see the guy collecting the swords which is two edged and cuts both ways, has his foot up on the rock which says you can rise above it.  It’s going to need some mental agility but check out what the competition is doing and go that one step further.

On an emotional and personal level, it’s time to voice what you are thinking to loved ones and being honest with yourself.  The 5 is half way to 10 (the top number in the suits of the Tarot) so at this point the effects of the situation can go either way, you are standing mid-point.  How are things going to play out?  If you really feel for that other person and believe you have a good future together then this is a time to stop arguments and differing opinions and clear the air.

On a personal level it’s time to stop kidding yourself, look at the position you are in, how is your behaviour affecting the situation, what is it that you really want as an outcome.  Decide what’s right and do it.

Spiritually there can be conflict in your beliefs with the outside world, or what you are preaching is out of balance with others.  Take time out to re-centre yourself, allow some quiet solitude and maybe just keep those thoughts to yourself for a while.  If others are not on your wave-length then they are not part of your Tribe. 

On the other hand, you may find you are having a different view point in a spiritual practice and there is conflict in your understanding or communications with a guru.  Get clarity on this and you are always able to ditch one practice and start another as you realign yourself.
Written by the Tarot Muse
5 of Swords card courtesy of Ciro Marchetti & Josephine Ellershaw

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