Tarot Café Breakfast at The Tarot Way a Mini Reading

Tarot reading
Daily 3 intention Tarot spread
Tarot cards courtesy of Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, Fairy Tarot Cards
Mini 3 card intention spread

I wanted to do a small Tarot reading for you today as these beautiful cards showed up and I really wanted to share them with you.  The Tarot spread I have used is a daily 3 intention spread where the first card in position 1 represents “What you need to know” and in this instance 2 cards came out together The Sun on the Top and the 3 of Autumn tightly tucked behind it; the card in second position is the 10 of Spring, “What you need to focus on”; and in third position is the Queen of Cups, the “Reflection for your end of day”.

I always love the 3 of Autumn when it shows up, you will see in the image the little guy here is so busy! Such concentration on his face creating his magic.  I always like to think of this as the magic that comes from within the individual as well as carrying out tasks required of us in daily life.  We are all here everyday living our lives and creating our world in the way we want to live with such focus and dedication that at times we forget who we actually are, we lose ourselves and forget to enjoy life and laugh and play, even play hookie.  When was the last time you played hookie?

Therefore The Sun on the top of the 3 of Autumn reinforces the lighter side to life.  On reflection these two cards are opposing each other, one is full of fun and laughter and the other is so busy with life but you couldn’t ask for a better card to be on top, The Sun.  The Sun is like really being who you are in the world, who is that real you?  It’s time to blow your own trumpet a bit more about the good work you are doing, having fun and recognising all your achievements to-date.  How about having a celebration with a few friends to share the good things in life.

In short the message you need to know is to balance the work and the play which is so important to liberate us at times. The question is, what are you going to do about it, what fun side can you plan for yourself?

The “What you need to focus on” card is the Ten of Springs and to me this card is like Cinderella where she is walking bare foot and doing the basics but there is such a light behind her with the promise of better things being arranged for her. She may not be aware of everything right now as the light is behind her but we all have a fairy godmother somewhere who is only too happy to help us on our journey.

So the number 10 can signify endings and new beginnings and potential so perhaps you are being asked how you balance that work and play aspect, how can you do things better, are there better circumstances for you, what drudgery is there that you can let go of and pass on to someone else to do, they might be quite happy helping you out and know that the job in hand is not something you enjoy but they do.  Like Cinderella all drudgery and no play, having to do all the dirty chores whilst others live a life of lavish.  But as with Cinderella it’s time to shake off those dusty dirty old clothes and live in a brighter light along with others.

Therefore your focus today is to make it a number one task to check in with yourself for where and what it is that you really want to be doing that is going to enable you to shine your light. Give yourself a free day where you can let you imagination wander and listen to the inner voice that will tell you what is working well and what isn’t, how are you going to do things differently to bring a bit of magic back into your life? 

If you are single, get out there and find your ‘Prince or Princess Charming’.  Enlist others to help you achieve your goals.  We have such a wide audience of acquaintances and friends through social media, who needs dating apps??  Let your friends do a bit of match making for you.  The goes for work prospects enlist others to find your dream job, after all they know you better than yourself sometimes and will recognise skills that you didn’t know you had.

And finally the Queen of Summer – the “Reflection for the end of your day” is to be kind to yourself.  It’s ok working for the benefit of others but don’t forget number 1.  Listen to your gut or your intuition when you reflect on these cards and these words.  Make your heart sing in life. Also how have you celebrated your achievements for the day, have you celebrated them? You have achieved a lot today give yourself a pat on the back and recognise all that you do.

Overall I want to say lighten up, victory is assured with all the hard work you are doing but you don’t have to do it all alone and at the end of the day listen to your heart and your intuition and don’t forget about yourself as well as helping others.

And although this is meant to be a daily 3 card intention reading, it could also be this spread indicates for you the culmination of a project where you are able to celebrate. In which case before you start your next project look at what worked and what didn’t, how much time and effort did you have to put in to get the results you wanted and what effect that had on you and your family environment. Perhaps it’s time to spend some quality time with those close to you who have supported you in your endeavours.

Blessings to you my dear ones.
Written by the Tarot Muse
Tarot cards courtesy of Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine, Fairy Tarot Cards

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