Tarot Cafe Breakfast at The Tarot Way – 7 of Coins

Tarot reading
7 of Coins
Ciro Marchetti
Tarot of Dreams
7 of Coins

Today we have the 7 of Coins and when you see this Tarot card in a reading it can be that you have reached a stage in your life where you are thinking, “what do I do now or where do I go from here?”  You have reached a time where you need to take stock of what the future holds for you and how to get there.

 You see the woman in the 7 of Coins card is sitting under a tree of money which depicts you have come quite a long way but you are wanting to look further afield at what else you can do, what is it you want out of life.  You are sitting quite comfortably and have all the things you want but they may not be fulfilling enough for you now and so what do you need to know when the 7 of Coins turns up.?  Well quite simply what is it exactly that you want, you have got to this stage in your life now and what does your vision board look like for the future?

If you have lost your vision a bit as to what your future looks like, take some time out to reflect on this, consider how to get yourself motivated again to push on, or relieve boredom and to give you more excitement in life.  We are all creators of our own life and destiny, so engage a bit of daydreaming if necessary, feel into your heart what inspires you and then put into action a plan.

When it comes to career if you feel that you are stuck, look at doing an additional skills course that can get you a promotion, or move you up into an area that is going to expand your knowledge and help you to grow.

At home maybe it’s time to shake the tree up and revise those routines, how can you all come together to make life more interesting and not stuck in a rut of routine and the same day in day out familiarity.  What is it that you all need to help grow as individuals?

When it comes to investments and finances, it is a good time to take stock of your money situation now and for the future, what plans do you need to make for that future security?

Spiritually you may have reach a milestone where you are sitting quite comfortably in your practices and knowledge but it now could be a good time to consider become a teacher which will help you to grow further and master your arts that you study.  It’s a time for sharing your knowledge to others so they too can enjoy the spiritual peace that you do.  Or if you feel uninspired spiritually look for a complementary divination to your current practices.

There is abundance around but self-empowerment comes from stretching ourselves, daring to venture into new territory, experience more, put fear to the test and to never stop searching for that something to expand our inner being and existence.
Written by the Tarot Muse
7 of Coins card courtesy of Ciro Marchetti, Tarot of Dreams

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