Tarot Café Breakfast at The Tarot Way – Queen of Coins

Tarot readings
Tarot Cafe Breakfast The Tarot Way
Queen of Coins
Ciro Marchetti
Gilded Tarot Royale
Queen of Coins

Hello my gorgeous Tarot followers, today we have the Queen of Coins showing up and how gorgeous is she.  In a Tarot reading this is a business woman who is very successful, is this you?  She is rather glam and will be well dressed, have all the refineries that complete her outfit and generally looks a well put together type of person and will be well educated.

She is very capable and has a good handle on practically everything in her live, very good with managing home life with her career, running a household down to the last detail, getting the kids the extra education needed, or running a busy kids social activity schedule.  She tirelessly works at making sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is taken care of. This is someone who has an abundance in their life. If the Queen of Coins shows up within your environment position of the Tarot reading then expect someone coming in that is going to be able to help you financially to achieve your goals. You may need to invest money with this person to show you the way.

The Coins is a very practical down to earth sign so this person is very grounded and loves to be around the home or out in nature and is very much in touch with the world and the environment and can have a bit of magical witchiness about her that may be even spell binding at times.

The downside to this card is that at times the most important person can be neglected and that is the self, as she is constantly caring and looking towards others needs.  So if the Queen of Coins turns up in reverse it may be time to take a break in your career or you need to spend more time on what you need whether that is a day out at the spa or golf club, a shopping day to update your own wardrobe or just a self care free day out somewhere where you can just let the busy side of life be in a totally different zone.

When it comes to financial investments, yes this is definitely saying investments could be maturing now and you need to look at what you next plan to do with those investments. If this card is in reverse in a Tarot reading then investments already made need to be protected and maybe look at the insurance side of your investment.

Spiritually you’ve got it all going on and have a depth of knowledge on your divination matters, maybe earning from your spiritual skills such as a clairvoyant, psychic, astrologer or Tarot reader. In reverse, spiritually I ask you are you more concerned about financial gain and wealth rather than being on a spiritual path with the Divine helping others.

This is a woman who already stands in her own self-empowerment and self worth and she will become even more worthy by her generosity.
Written by the Tarot Muse
Queen of Coins card courtesy of Ciro Marchetti, Gilded Tarot Royale

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