Tarot Café Breakfast at The Tarot Way – 2 of Swords

Tarot readings
2 of Swords
Ciro Marchetti
Gilded Tarot Royale
2 of Swords

Good morning my Fabulous Tarot Tribe from the Tarot Café here at The Tarot Way.  The card today is the 2 of Swords so it’s crunch time and you need to make a decision one way or another and things are not just going to miraculously disappear and let you off the hook.

The 2 of Swords is asking you to recognise that you need to make a decision and depending on the surrounding cards in your Tarot reading will depend very much on what it is exactly you need to make a decision on but ultimately listening to your intuition, you will already know what this is.  It may even be that the decision you need to make needs a fine balance and handling as it may involve another person and your concerns are how it will affect them.

You will see in this beautiful card of Ciro Marchetti that there is a significant overall colour of blue which relates to the element of air and the Swords relate to the mental thinking.  Hence the thought process that you are now being asked to deal with and which way will way will your decision blow in the wind.  The Sword is double edged so you can either come across as very cutting or you can try to come from a place of the heart in making your decision.

With the card being the number 2 it is almost as if you have left the starting gate but you still have the option of going one way or another so perhaps you have started looking for a job for example and you were looking at one particular industry but other industries are wanting your skill base but it’s like you don’t really have experience in that field, hence you have the decision maybe to try something new that you can build on for the future, or do you stick the with same old same old.  The 2 is also about balance so bringing a balance of thinking and decision making will help.

Of course in business, if it is relatively new, you could be looking at what type of help you need, do you have the right employees and is there some fine tuning that needs to be undertaken.  It may be a difficult decision that needs to be made for example firing an employee, or a partnership isn’t working out the way you wanted, it is not something you welcome but something that you know has to be done.

You see the woman is blind folded with a pair of wings indicating that you are either not seeing an issue that needs to be addressed or perhaps you are burying your head in the sand when you know eventually you have to make a decision.  I love the Moon being present in this image and I would say to you, to tune in also to your emotions to help you make the decision and regarding business decisions, tune into the cycle of Moon and when you should be strategizing and then when to be making your campaigns.  You can check out the Full and New Moon Tarot readings available here on The Tarot Way website.

Spiritually you may be needing to decide which way to go if you have a couple of options and all I will say is do some meditating and tune into your intuition for clarification and guidance.

Money wise you may need to look at your relationship to money and what it means to you.  Look at how you are spending and saving compared to your income.  If you have financial debt then it is time to address that and generally this card is asking you to bring your money more in balance.

Once you have made that decision, freedom will be yours and it will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders giving you back a sense of empowerment to move forward in a more aligned way.
Written by the Taro Muse
2 of Swords card courtesy of Ciro Marchetti, Gilded Tarot Royale

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