Tarot readings
King of Wands
Ciro Marchetti
Gilded Tarot Royale 
Richard Branson
Elon Musk

Oh yes baby, we like this guy showing up in a Tarot reading, not necessarily male but anyone with a strong male energy.

The King of Wands, he’s dynamic, he’s charismatic, he can have a certain sexual attraction to him and some of it is due to his success story, he is a visionary, he is a motivator, an inspirer and people just love to do things for him; he would by my Richard Branson.  If the King of Wands shows up in your immediate environment this is someone who is going to help you get your groove on, he will help you get your projects off the ground and he could be a mentor with all his knowledge and experience in business and life to help you launch your own innovative ideas; he will see the unique skills and talents you have to offer.

To work for the King of Wands you will need to be in a dynamic industry and he will be great to have as a boss, he’s likely to be top management, as he is so well put together but… he will expect high performance from those around him, so know you are going to need to work your socks off.  He hasn’t got to where he is today by not knowing how to stimulate people to work, get business well organised, have creative innovative ideas and ultimately he is the high end performer with high end expectations with a high end standard of living and vision – Elon Musk also comes to mind here, although he would be a combination with the King of Swords but you get my drift.

If this is you, the King of Wands great, you already know about your talents and where you want to go and all you need to do is make sure you are always at the top of your game, on the edge of trends and technology and with a strategic plan, you will accomplish anything you want.  On the downside the King of Wands needs to make sure they are not over bombastic, don’t let their ego get out of control and ultimately think they are invincible, keeping it real and life in balance is key for the King of Wands.

Investments at this time can go sky high and through the roof, look to more unusual investments but of course, as always, do your homework, remember the over confidence thing!

Spiritually you are an influencer, you attract like-minded people, you like to lead others onto the same path as you and you are definitely out there in the world aligning people onto the same path as you.  Of course, you need to take a block of time out to recharge that influencer energy.

Self-empowerment wise, the King of Wands is to acknowledge you have been blessed with your visions, to be in constant gratitude and to give back free as much as you have earned.
Written by the Tarot Muse
King of Wands card courtesy of Ciro Marchetti, Gilded Tarot Royale

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