The Devil Tarot card
Tarot readings
Game of Thrones Tarot deck
Liz Dean & Craig Coss
The Devil in Game of Thrones

Oh no I hear you say, not the Devil card when it shows up in a Tarot reading.  The positive side to this is that is makes you take stock of everything, the situation you are in, the people you are associating with, your habits and what is keeping you confined and clipping your wings.  A good question to ask in a Tarot reading is “what is holding me back?” and to look at the surrounding cards.

Without consciously knowing we can become obsessive about things which then turn into habits and when we then recognise them, they are hard to break.  In the picture here you see a heavy chain with a large ‘V’ cut out which appears to stop the person from walking forward and that chain looks pretty hard to break.

The Devil card is a Major Arcana so the Universe is asking you to take a look at what is not serving you to your highest good and once you have identified where you are getting caught up in cycles, now is the time to make changes.  Of course this can mean there is someone within your environment whether in the family, or at work, or people that come into your sphere of life, that may be having a detrimental effect on you.  You see the person is standing there grinning, this is saying don’t allow others to take pleasure out of having a hold over you.

The Devil card is also the number XV, 15 – condensed down to the number 6.  So this card is saying enrol colleagues, family or friends to help you when it comes to breaking habits or alter your situation.

When it comes to financial questions for the Tarot and The Devil shows up then you need to be looking at your relationship to money and what it means for you.  You could be being taken advantage of, or you even be overcompensating buying love with money, or it could be a case of have you got into a really hard partying habit that is draining your finances.  Either way you really need to sit down and take a look at your finances as a whole to see how you can make your money work for you better.  Other questions based around your Tarot reading would give you a better insight as to what this situation is directly linked to.

The key is to recognise when we are becoming obsessive about something, I’ve done it when I have been presented with a major problem that has needed a lot of effort to correct the situation and I am still ranting in my head about it after I have managed to find a solution.  Recognise the obsession, say enough is enough and take action to stop the cycle, that is where your self-empowerment will come from and then stand tall and recognise how brilliant you are for changing something in your life that was not serving you well.
Written by the Tarot Muse
Tarot card courtesy of Liz Dean & Craig Coss, Game of Thrones

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