4 of Spears tarot card
Tarot readings
Game of Thrones tarot deck
Liz Dean & Craig Coss

Good morning to another beautiful day and Breakfast with the Tarot, todays tarot reading card is the 4 of Spears, or also known as the 4 of Wands which as you can see is all bright and full of flowers.

You see a beautiful garland of flowers supported like a canopy by the 4 spears and this like the setting for a beautiful beach wedding or celebration involving a couple or more people.  It more than likely to be a close family event with this card being the number four which is the foundation card so you can safely say a home celebration of some milestone or achievement.

I encourage you to plan an event, or enjoy and event, make a celebration that the whole family can enjoy even if it means something like taking your first vacation as a family together.

In business or career, maybe it’s time to celebrate a promotion or a company achievement that can be seen as a milestone and with this ensure you invite your work colleagues or employees to join in the celebrations.

Spiritually you have achieved a good foundation from which you can build.  It maybe even mean launching yourself out into the big wide world and letting everyone see the true authentic you.

Should the 4 of Spears show up in reverse then ask yourself what is stopping you from carrying out your celebrations, are you honouring yourself and your achievements, or are you just letting them slip on by un-noticed?  Let the world see who you are and enjoy the beautiful vibes you will get back.

Self-empowerment with this card is to celebrate everyday all the good things you have in your immediate environment, without the love and support around you, you wouldn’t be who you are.
Written by the Tarot Muse
Tarot card courtesy of  Liz Dean & Craig Coss
This deck can be purchased from Amazon for approx. £17

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