The 10 of Wands Tarot card brings you a resolution, an ending to hard times where you have felt like it’s the last straw of the camel’s back, maybe you have even been brought down to your knees through burdens that are not a direction action of your own doing. 

A good way forward is asking for help from others, you don’t have to do everything yourself although you may think you have to, or you are obliged to.  If you have been ignoring taking action to stand up for yourself and saying enough is enough, then now is the time to take your head out of the sand.

There are numerous options available to you if you were to look around, people, time management, creating aligned action plans, so many ways others can help you.

In business it’s time to take a reassessment of who is doing what and what is not working, for career paths are you in a job that has now done it’s time for you, if you have become overburdened in your job where everything seems to be piling on top of you, go back to the drawing board, see what is working and what is not but more importantly do something about it.

It’s time of endings and new beginnings, self-empowerment is releasing and letting go of things you don’t need to control and trusting in others who are just as capable which will help you to realign your activities to live to your fullest potential.
Written b the Tarot Muse
10 of Wands card courtesey of Ciro Marchetti Tarot of Dreams

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