Tarot readings
Tarot card The World
Ciro Marchetti

In a Tarot reading The World is a Major Arcana card so the position you find yourself in now is a significant stage.  It is a time of completion and making space for new things.

In the World card you will see the victory wreath and an accolade like a global award therefore good fortune and recognition is yours.  There can be a time for celebration and almost a sense of relief and freedom, finally things have come to fruition.  You are more enlightened, you will have learned a lot and become all the more wiser for it but you have been determined to see things through and now you can stand back and observe all that you have achieved, what lessons you have learned, how the world is seeing you and what legacies if any, you are leaving behind.

Before your bright star burns out it is time for a well deserved few days off before you begin again on another new journey, or project, or dream.

Spiritually you could find yourself either reaching a pinnacle of enlightenment, or completing a spiritual journey that may have involved learning how to expand yourself out into the Universe.  You may find yourself leaving one type of divination that is no longer serving you, or adding a spiritual interest to your already vast knowledge of the realms.

Regarding investments this could be a good time for cashing in and looking at new ways to make future investments.

Self-empowerment is knowing how to celebrate yourself and achievements, reward yourself, accept praise, you are worthy.

Written by the Tarot Muse
The World card courtesey of Ciro Marchetti The Gilded Tarot Royale


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