Tarot reading
Tarot card 8 of Cups
Couresey of Ciro Marchetti

Visually you can see from this card someone walking away, they are ascending to a higher level. The end stairway is disappearing into the moon indicating that the future and final destination is hidden and unknown. In a Tarot reading you don’t know exactly where you are being led and what the Universe has in store for you and you won’t know until you decide to take that path but take that path the Tarot is now asking you to take. All you need to know is that the new path is going to take you to that next level and set you on a path for fulfilment.
The moon is dark and light, it is the yin and the yang and the shadow of what is hidden, so although you need to take this path there are things you will need to address and face whether you want to or not that will release you onto your path.
We see here the Tarot card is the Cups, a representation of the emotions, of the heart, of feelings, of happiness and fulfilment, that eternal yearn we all seek.
With the semi-circle of Cups below you will have all the support and blessings to send you on your way and there will an understanding of your journey by others, more than you know. You will need to leave love or loved ones behind which may be hard to face but know you can always turn around and they will always be there. So prepare yourself emotionally, decide to make a choice, head off in that new direction and seek what you desire in love and happiness that will make you complete.
From a spiritual view you are ascending into a higher realm, perhaps even leaving behind more of the material world that no longer serves you. You see the ascension into the spiritual realm and the Universe exploring and expanding your soul, psychic abilities and intuition and taking up new practices maybe even tansandental meditation.
The symbol of Saturn, indicating a new world and Pisces a water sign complementing the water sign of the Cups and emotions. So know where you find yourself now is like the ebb and the flow of the tide as controlled by the moon.
Your empowerment comes from the future when you will recognise that the move you made was the best thing you ever did.
Written by the Tarot Muse
8 of Cups card courtesey of Ciro Marchetti Tarot of Dreams

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