Tarot card Ace of Swords
Ciro Marchetti Tarot of Dreams

In a Tarot reading the Ace of Swords indicates intellectual break throughs, epiphanies and a connection with your higher self but what does it mean when it’s reversed!!
The Ace of Swords is a highly intellectual card and shows up when you have epiphanies (moments of sudden and great revelation or realization), when reversed you are really in alignment with the Divine and you are downloading big time to upload and manifest huge.
The Ace of Swords allows you to rise in self-esteem and to communicate and speak in an authentic way that shows a brilliance to the world. This is a time to outsmart your competitors when it comes to applying for a job or promotion. Receiving contractual agreements, scholarship, business tenders or legally cutting ties. Investment wise yes it’s a go for it. Launching your business yes but check the legalities to ensure there are no hidden clauses. With the Sword being double edged there can be a duality to your thinking but remember life cuts both ways so make sure of your integrity.

Spiritually this can be a time working, communicating and writing through the higher self and coming from a place of authenticity. It’s a great time for self development and working with the connection to the Divine and the Universe. As a person the Ace of Swords indicates there may be a mentor in your close environment to guide and stimulate you, or it’s time to seek a mentor that can take you that step further on your spiritual journey. All courses involving spiritual development and the realms are open to you now and it’s a good time to start them for success.
In reverse, what blockages or challenges are there for you now?
You can find yourself over stimulated mentally but in a positive way where your thinking is with sharp clarity and you are able to voice or write with conviction and strength, especially when dealing with the Heavens or if you are in a place of high position. Although there are break throughs in internal logic and thinking alignment is needed to avoid chaos and a clear and direct action plan or approach is needed.
In a Tarot reading if the Ace of Swords shows up in reverse, revise, review and leave important decisions for another day.
Empowerment is standing up and not being afraid to voice new idea,s new concepts or new ways to commnicate that others may not have thought of.
Written by The Tarot Muse
The Ace of Swords card by Ciro Marchetti Tarot of Dreams

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