In a Tarot reading this card is saying, Ok so what now? What am I to do now? What more do you want from me?
In this card before you, you see a naked person, they are baring all with their arms and hands raised to the skies as if to say ok here I am, I’m showing up, what more do you want from me. There are two discs of money that also look like a pair of eyes that seem to be whipped out of their hands as if sometimes help is taken away or the Universe has other plans for you and also as if you have two choices.
Could this be saying to you, get focussed, get your money under control and be making the right choices. Also with the two of Coins being a subsequent card to the Ace, it could be that suddenly you find yourself in a new job or financial position where you feel a little out of your depth.
Look to the sea where the waves seem to be quite strong but some of the water is beginning to overlap the walk board so perhaps at times to emotions can be running a little strong with frustrations. Perhaps you are being pulled in two different directions.
There is a huge beautiful golden filigree ball in front on the horizon indicating that there is a brighter future with many of life’s pleasures and in comparison it is not that far away so any juggling situation you find yourself in is only temporary. There are also a few stormy clouds on the left with the future horizon looking smoother with beautiful sunsets. So get things balanced and under control now before things get out of hand.
The Coins is about nurturing, day-to-day life and things we need to live, as well as education and if you can get a system going, time management sorted and a balanced work vs life scenario for that self caring and recharging of batteries you will find yourself prepared to build on your future vision.
2 of Coins card courtesy of my favourite Ciro Marchetti Tarot of Dreams
Written by the Tarot Muse

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