Ciro Marchetti Queen of Wands Tarot Card

In a Tarot reading and The Queen of Wands who is she? Why do you want her to show up in your reading?
You really want this person to show up in your reading.
If it is someone coming into your environment, she is charismatic, active, will be someone in a position of standing and is a great resourceful person. She will be knowledgeable, organised, influential and know exactly how to help you achieve your goals and is full of ideas. Do you know someone like this?
If the Queen of Wands is a you, hello fabulous you. You are at the top of your game, you have really got it all going on and got yourself together. When you walk into a room, people really know you have arrived. You can be seen as being very attractive, flirtatious and a bit of a socially butterfly with a busy work as well as social schedule. Some of your key attributes is you are a go getter, someone who has ideas, not only comes up with them but also puts them into action, you have an eye for detail, co-ordinated and have great skill sets and a motivator. When something pops into your head that is inspirational and motivational you make sure it happens for you and you are able to be a planner. You are always in the present but looking to far horizons.
Spiritually you have a Divine connection and an active 3rd eye and generally you will be on your spiritual path and know where it is leading you and have your rituals set up,
If the Queen of Wands is a friend of yours, you want her turning up at your party, she’s going to bring vibrancy and fun, she’s a great organiser of getting people together socially and for group activities.
In the home the Queen of Wands will be well organised juggling all aspects of family life, making sure everyone is doing their bit and creating an active life for everyone, as well as managing a beautiful home environment.
Financially, the Queen of Wands is quite astute, she will know exactly what her financial situation is although at times can become too distracted with more interesting things.
The downside to the Queen of Wands is that you are so busy doing, that you don’t stop for some downtime and can get burnout. It is essential the ‘self free time’ is allocated to chill before winding up again. Also spreading yourself too thin because you have so much energy. When you are disorganised or messy, you are truly disorganised and messy but work hard to get yourself back into alignment. Don’t be overly critical of detail.
Written by the Tarot Muse

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