Tarot in the News

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry – What’s it all about Archie?
The Tarot on 1 April 2021

I would just like to point out no Code of Ethics have been broken here. This is purely a Tarot reading on a situation in the News.

We have all seen the family squabbles involving these two people become public through the Oprah Winfrey Show and that is specifically what it was designed to do instead of being private they wanted to generate publicity about personal grievances and feelings of being hard done by. So much for wanting a ‘normal’ life and making a normal life for Archie.

When we look at the 10 of Wands & The Fool reversed this is all about them wanting their own personal stage to perform and unburden themselves to the public and the world. You may ask why which is what I often ask about this situation, we have all been sucked into this very public display and announcement of their break with the Royal Family. We were already aware of the break and their desire to have a ‘normal life for Archie’, so why make it so public and not keep it like a normal family, private?

At the bottom of the deck is the Ace of Pentacles reversed so one has to ask what is the money motivation behind all of this public turmoil with one of the richest families. Another reversed card as with most of them in this Tarot spread so I suggest this is all for personal gain. Yes they are airing their hard feelings but also is it a revenge for the loss of financial gain as they are no longer permitted to carry out charitable duties connected with their previous Royal duties.

The two Tarot cards with key figures in them is the Queen of Cups and the 9 of Wands reversed. Interestingly the only upright card here is the Queen of Cups herself which would suggest Meghan Markle is making all the decisions here, she is the one who actively wants to be seen. I would suggest she comes from a place of the heart and love and is nurturing her family but at what cost as Harry (the 9 of Wands reversed) is shown on his knees privately. I think there is a more than meets the eye going on with Harry here and I think the break with the Royal family is affecting him more than he is letting on.

We have the Death card also reversed between the Queen of Cups and the 9 of Wands reversed so I feel Meghan Markle is the one trying to get Harry standing back up in the world in his own right as a person, she is trying to help him with this fall out and to start again but it’s going to take more than an Oprah Winfrey Show to get their union and life on the right track. I feel there is a void of difference between them in their recent actions and trying to create a new life and I don’t feel Harry is 100% happy with how things are turning out and would rather not be so public, look how they are not seeing eye to eye. But at the end of the day Harry is on bended knee and in service to Meghan, so he is prepared to do whatever it takes and what Meghan wants, even if it means isolation for him but is this going to drive him into seclusion eventually.

You thought this was about standing up for everyone in the world who has had any injustices done against them, I suggest not as these are all reversed cards, this is about them and as a world we are being sucked in on their very public private stage. Money is at the root here and at the end of the day you have to ask, what was the personal gain and was it all worth it, as it is with all family squabbles where people become separated, not talking, feeling isolated and misunderstood?

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