Breakfast with the Tarot today

Seven of Spring Tarot card
Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Self Empowerment with the Seven of Spring in a Tarot reading

One of the easiest ways for Self empowerment is to be assertive, to be a mover and a shaker and not someone who is prepared to just sit back and let life happen. It’s all about creating your dream life in all aspects whether that is in business, being a career person or a mum who runs a busy household.
To achieve success it means a lot of juggling and management and feeling pulled in so many different ways just by living in the moment. It’s about balancing the necessities of day-to-day living but more importantly it’s about making time for yourself.
One of the self empowering questions is, are you giving too much of yourself away that you are neglecting self care? Look at time management and your schedule, getting more organised, and sometimes enlisting the help of others around you can create time for goal alignment and to put strategies in place that are going to take you to that next level.
Another self empowering question to ask yourself is, are you standing up for yourself or are you allowing others to ware you down? We can so easily fall into that everyday pit where we hear or see the same old thing day after day that we take for granted that is what our life is, or should be.

I’ve had clients say to me that just by reading the self empowering questions, that go along with my Tarot readings, give so much personal insight and the Seven of Spring card today is saying it’s time to invest in yourself, you’ve come a long way and where do you want to go next. You can find out what direction and opportunities are around you to make that investment by asking the Tarot.

It’s great being busy and it’s difficult dealing with a new way of life with covid but we still need to focus on our self. Give yourself permission to have a total ‘free day’ where you can go to reflect, look at your current situation, review who you are and how you can grow further and what investment you need to make that will help you to achieve your dream goals.
When is your next personal free day going to be?

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