The Power of Love – The Major Arcana Lovers Tarot card

Major Arcana The Lovers Tarot crd
Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine
The Lovers & Collaboration

The most empowering thing you can do for yourself is to know your boundaries when it comes to love. How you want to receive love, what are your moral values, do you want to feel earthly love as well as the love of the Divine? Staying true to yourself makes you strong, accept nothing less than you deserve.

To heal ourselves through self love is one of the greatest gifts the Universe has given us.

It is so important to look at those around you, who you collaborate with, only surround yourself with those people who want to see and help you to succeed, not fail.
Do people use you, do they manipulate you through love, lead you astray from your moral path, especially when it comes to attraction? Reap and sow, Karma, you’ve heard it all before, reflection – what does love look like to you because that is your guide.

To each of us we have our own ‘love vibration’ that touches everyone we come into contact with. Understanding ourselves and our needs, forgiving ourselves for past mistakes, helps to nurture and grow so that we can radiate love back out into the Universe and those we touch. Good choices made from the heart leads to long lasting, fulfilling love.

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