Colours of the Moon

BLUE MOONS are when we have a 13th Full Moon during the year and it doesn’t quite fit in with the traditional Full Moon calendar and naming system. The Blue Moon this year in 2021 will be on 22 August.

BLACK MOONS come every 19 years when there is no Full Moon in February and the definition for this is the Black Moon, we can also have a Black Moon when a New Moon doesn’t not fit in with the equinoxes or solstices too. We will not be seeing a Black Moon now until 26 May 2023.

BLOOD MOONS are the result of a total eclipse and the colour changes when the Moon emerges from earth’s shadow. We next see a Blood Moon this year 2021, on 26 May.

Whilst we are talking Moons I can’t forget the

SUPERMOONS these are called Super as they appear so large and when the Moon is closest to the earth. This year 2021 we have 3! and we will see them on Monday, April 27, 2021/ Wednesday, May 26, 2021/Thursday, June 24, 2021.

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