Tarot & The Moon

The Moon has been worked with for centuries. In ancient times, it was common to track the changing seasons by following the lunar month rather than the solar year and as well as being used in may belief systems and astrology, we also us the Moon with Tarot.

Combining the Moon cycles with the Tarot gives knowledge for self empowerment, to check progress on manifesting goals and what needs to be released along the way. So it really tunes our focus in on our action plans.

On the New Moons it is a time for assessing current achievements and what is not longer serving us. With the right questions for the Tarot you can determine what needs to be released and how to let go, in preparation for the coming Full Moon.

When the Full Moon is with us it’s time to push forward with goals to see what has been released, current situation and what intentions and new seeds can be planted for manifesting goals.

The Tarot not only works with the Moon but also Astrology can influence these readings through the elements of the zodiac. For example water signs will have an emotion influence, air signs will have an intellectual feel, fire signs will have an action creativity vibe and earth will give us a money and grounding effect with the readings.

Check out The Tarot Way’s New and Full Moon Guides to see how these Tarot readings can empower you, or if you already have your own rituals for the Moon why not enhance them with a Tarot reading too.

Here are the dates of the New and Full Moons as a check-in, for Tarot readings allow 3 days before the cycle so you get your reading in plenty of time.

New Moons for 2021

13 January
11 February
13 March
12 April
11 May
10 June
10 July
9 August
7 September
6 October
4 November
4 December

Full Moons for 2021

28 Jan
27 Feb
28 Mar
27 Apr
26 May
24 June
24 July
22 August
20 September
20 October
19 November
19 December

Full Moon Names

Wolf Moon
Snow Moon
Worm Moon
Pink Moon
Flower Moon
Strawberry Moon
Buck Moon
Sturgeon Moon
Harvest Moon
Hunter’s Moon
Beaver Moon
Cold Moon

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