How I choose the Tarot deck for you

Do I find some Tarot decks are more powerful than others? Yes I do. What does that mean? Well it just means that some Tarot decks have more visual information, they can incorporate extra symbols relating to astrology, the Kabalah and elements like fire, air, water, earth. Also the imagery can appear more powerful and dynamic. Plus I find some of my Tarot decks have a feel to them where they like to be used for specific types of questions. For example my Game of Thrones Tarot deck likes to be used for getting to the real nitty gritty of a situation. When it comes to spiritual readings I will use my Tarot of Dreams or the Guilded Tarot Royale. But it varies, nothing is fixed, intuition has a lot to do with it too.

So how do I really choose which set of Tarot cards to use for your reading?
My connection with the Tarot is quite strong and usually by just reading your name, country where you live and your date of birth with the question that you have sent me, I will already be picking up on the vibration of your situation. By meditating in preparation for your reading a specific Tarot deck can come through, or when I sit down to do your reading I will let the Universe guide my hand to the appropriate deck. Sometimes the Tarot deck is already shouting at me when I pick up on your vibration. Which Tarot deck you get in a reading from me is all part of the experience. Here are some images of the same Tarot card but across different decks.

Tarot of Dreams
Rider Waite
Gilded Tarot Royale
Game of Thrones

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